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The role of the CFO in the manufacturing industry is undergoing significant changes.

This is because companies are in the process of transitioning to Industry 4.0 and are looking for commercially-viable solutions to enable this.

Manufacturing CFOs therefore need to be adept in more than just finance; they also need to understand technology, operations, and market analysis.

It is this combination of skills that will be key to continually demonstrating tangible year-on-year gains for your manufacturing business.

SYSPRO Manufacturing CFO Survey

Leading manufacturing ERP provider SYSPRO is running a CFO survey to gather valuable information about the manufacturing landscape.

This survey asks a variety of important questions that will help to paint a clear picture of how manufacturing CFOs view the current state of the industry, as well as how it will develop in the future.

By completing this survey, you will be helping develop significant insights into the manufacturing CFO role.

Respondents can also choose to receive the report that is crafted based on the results – helping you to learn more about how the industry is approaching Industry 4.0.

This is important information to ensure you are not lagging behind other manufacturing CFOs, as well as to let you know where you are ahead of the curve.

The SYSPRO Manufacturing CFO Survey will also investigate how CFOs and their businesses have faired during the lockdown and how they believe the global crisis will affect their businesses moving forward.

Additionally, it investigates the strategies CFOs are using to reduce costs, free up cash flow, and generate operational efficiencies.

Finally, the survey investigates how CFOs are planning for the next five years in terms of the technology and digital transformation initiatives.

SYSPRO manufacturing CFO webinar

The results of the survey will be presented and detailed in a webinar specifically targeted at manufacturing and distribution CFOs.

This webinar will mark the first episode of SYSPRO’s Manufacturing CFO 4.0 Series and will offer great value to those who attend.

The date of this webinar is yet to be confirmed, but those who complete the survey can choose to be contacted with further details.

Click here to take the SYSPRO Manufacturing CFO survey.

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Take the SYSPRO Manufacturing CFO 4.0 survey