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Industrial Metal Profiling’s Health and Safety Programme is paying for itself with the Return on Investment (ROI) they are getting from SafetyWallet

Industrial Metal Profiling ROI Details and ROI

As a SafetyWallet subscriber, Industrial Metal Profiling has a current Health and Safety Return on Investment of 68.30% as per the ROI SafetyWallet Calculator. This Health and Safety Programme is paying for itself.

Through the SafetyWallet Health and Safety subscription Support and Rewards programme, Industrial Metal Profiling has saved R13,125 in the last twelve months on both health and safety services and health and safety e-learning.

SafetyWallet has enabled Industrial Metal Profiling to add a health and safety maintenance program through its partnership with MAKROSAFE which has ensured continued health and safety compliance.

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Peter Espag, Managing Director of Industrial Metal Profiling had the following to say upon asking him a few questions around SafetyWallet and the company’s Health and Safety Programme

What does SafetyWallet mean to Industrial Metal Profiling?

SafetyWallet has extensively supported Industrial Metal Profiling in all areas relating to health and safety. As a result, there has been peace of mind that the safety of employees can be guaranteed in addition to compliance with all relevant legislation.

SafetyWallet has also ensured that cost savings and rewards can be obtain through the continuous compliance to all health and safety standards and that there is consistent improvement in such.

What has SafetyWallet done for Industrial Metal Profiling from a support point of view in the last six months?

The support that SafetyWallet has provided has been constant and reliable in all matters relating to health and safety. Through the national lockdown as result of the Covid-19 pandemic, SafetyWallet has provided relevant information pertaining to:

  • Relevant legislation
  • Return-to-work protocols and preparation
  • Relevant policies that needed to be implemented and followed along with the necessary protocols
  • Risk assessment templates
  • Relevant online training
  • The provision of relevant health and safety posters to be displayed in the workplace
  • Toolbox talk formats, and
  • General advice where necessary.

Where does Industrial Metal Profiling see its health and safety programme going in the next twelve months?

Industrial Metal Profiling is, with the continued support and assistance from SafetyWallet and its partners, striving for continuous peace of mind where the health and safety of employees, management, and visitors to the premises is concerned.

Industrial Metal Profiling can look forward to seeing continuous growth where health and safety compliance is concerned to the point that the increased discount percentage can be obtained, further increasing the savings received.

SafetyWallet Overview

SafetyWallet offers employers in South Africa a membership programme which encourages and rewards its members for being compliant with:

  • The Occupational health and Safety Act
  • All other relevant Legislation
  • Regulations
  • Standards, and
  • Metropolitan and/or Municipal Bylaws which relate to Occupational Health and Safety within the workplace.

SafetyWallet helps its members understand their level of compliance and, through its partnership with MAKROSAFE and OHS Online, provides members with the necessary tools and support to ensure the improvement of compliance while being rewarded along the way.

Safety Wallet already has more than a thousand members in South Africa and offers employers a plan that suits the member’s business.

Fees are calculated according to the membership circle that the member joins which provides the member with an immediate rewards discount in addition to the audit discount reward. The plans offered with the parameters as specified are as follows:

  • Friend Circle with 1 to 50 employees per branch obtains an immediate membership reward of 25% and an audit discount reward of 80%.
  • Family Circle with 51 to 100 employees per branch obtains an immediate membership reward of 30% with an audit discount reward of 80%.
  • Champion Circle with 101 to 300 employees per branch obtains an immediate membership reward of 35% with an audit discount reward of 80%.
  • Pinnacle Club with more than 300 employees per branch obtains an immediate membership reward of 40% with an audit discount reward of 80%.

The immediate membership reward is awarded after the employer becomes a member, and the audit discount reward is obtained when the member has had their health and safety compliance audit conducted by a SafetyWallet Auditor.

The Audit is therefore subsidized by SafetyWallet with 80%, leaving the member responsible for the remaining 20% of the cost to conduct a thorough, in-depth health and safety analysis on the member’s organization.

In addition, SafetyWallet further rewards the member with up to 100% of the cost relating to an annual health and safety compliance audit.

This is based on the commitment which is shown by the member from their last compliance audit along with the history over twelve months.

SafetyWallet, in partnership with MAKROSAFE and OHS Online work to provide support and assistance to its members according to the four components of Health and Safety in Industry and Commerce, namely:

  • Health and Safety Training
  • Health and Safety Programme
  • Health and Safety Compliance Grading Audit, and
  • Member Advertising.

The health and safety training provided is done in partnership between SafetyWallet and MAKROSAFE to provide members with the highest quality of health and safety training. This is offered either as formal training or as e-learning training.

Furthermore, the Health and Safety Programme is provided by SafetyWallet in partnership with both OHS Online and MAKROSAFE to ensure that members have the best on-site support in implementing and maintaining their health and safety programme.

Members have the option to drive their health and safety programme through a self-help  option which is provided by SafetyWallet and OHS Online through the provision of a comprehensive platform and health and safety management system.

Members can also make use of the outsourced health and safety services provided by SafetyWallet and MAKROSAFE to support and assist the member every step of the way in the implementation and maintenance of the health and safety programme.

Industrial Metal Profiling Overview


Industrial Metal Profiling specialises in the flame cutting, bending, rolling, and guillotining of steel. Founded in Pinetown, 46 years ago, the first steel cut and supply business was started by Frikkie Koch, known by the name Koch’s Cut and Supply.

21 years later, Frikkie had sold the business and proceeded to remain on in a managerial capacity.

In 2010, along with three directors of Industrial Scrap namely James Roberts, Mark Bennett, Kim Marais, and Frikkie’s son Clint as the main partner, Industrial Metal Profiling was established.

Within three months of inception, Industrial Metal Profiling transformed into a hive of activity resulting in early-on success of the business.

Industrial Metal Profiling supplies parts for both truck body and trailer repairs, which allows smaller transporters to do their own repairs on trucks.

The high definition plasma cutter which is used by Industrial Metal Profiling is the largest in Durban at 23m x 3.2m, and the 6m brake press used has a bending capacity of around 400 tons.

One of the unique services that Industrial Metal Profiling offers is the supply of 6-metre lengths of stainless-steel angles and channels to the Stainless-Steel Industry.

Industrial Metal Profiling caters for both small and large businesses, and their services are required and used in a variety of industries from ship repairs to mining operations.

Industrial Metal Profiling prides itself in providing efficient services as one of its integral focus points as all involved understand that the quick and efficient provision of high-quality steel is of utmost importance to clients.

Products and Services

Industrial Metal Profiling has a facility with the ability and capacity to accommodate the full spectrum of machinery to service some of the following industries:

  • Sugar
  • Ship building and repair
  • Mining and General Engineering
  • Construction
  • Civil Engineering
  • Farming
  • The Shoe Industry
  • Railways, and numerous others.

Some of the machines that Industrial Metal Profiling makes use of include:

  • CNC Profile machine
  • Magic eye profile machine
  • 35mm x 35mm pinch roll and two smaller rolls
  • A 3.2m guillotine which can cut up to 8mm
  • A 4.2m bend press
  • A 6m x 400-ton bend press which can bend a 10mm plate over a span of 6m
  • A high definition plasma cutter with a 22m x 3m cutting area which can cut up to 50mm stainless-steel
  • Two 8-ton Condra overhead cranes

Industrial Metal Profiling has the ability and capacity to manufacture any steel components or parts for any industry.

Company and Contact Details

Industrial Metal Profiling forms part of the manufacturing industry serving numerous clients spread across several industries.

There are 30 employees that make up the staff compliment of the organization.

Industrial Metal Profiling can be contacted through the following ways:

Website –

Telephone – +27 (0) 31 700 9871/ 700 9214/ 700 4178/ 700 6735/ 825 5933

Fax – +27 (0) 31 700 5778

Email – [email protected]

Or by contacting the following individuals either telephonically or via email:

Clint Koch – +27 (0) 72 549 9848 / [email protected]

Ross du Toit – +27 (0) 79 513 9834 / [email protected]

Final Thoughts

Being a subscriber to SafetyWallet Support and Rewards programme not only means that members have access to cost-effective solutions and great rewards.

It also provides employers with peace of mind that they comply with health and safety rules and regulations in addition to ensure that the health and safety of employees in the workplace, along with that of visitors, can be guaranteed.

Members of SafetyWallet have the assurance that SafetyWallet will assist and support them in their health and safety programme, along with other key health and safety areas, and that the journey towards full health and safety compliance will be one well worth the effort.

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Industrial Metal Profiling’s Health and Safety Programme is paying for itself with the Return on Investment (ROI) they are getting from SafetyWallet