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SYSPRO ERP traceability – Simplify your manufacturing recall management

Manufacturers may have a great system in place to optimise their production process, but even the best system can suffer issues.

For this reason, your manufacturing business needs to be prepared to identify and track the entire manufacturing process so these issues can be identified and solved timeously.

This is why it is important that your manufacturing business has a comprehensive traceability solution in place.

Navigating a recall

No business wants to have to recall its products, but sometimes it is unavoidable.

When this is the case, you need an ERP solution that optimises this process, allowing you to sort out the issue promptly, and resume operations.

This results in you saving money you would have otherwise lost in an extended recall process.

SYSPRO offers a centralised system that allows your manufacturing business to minimise the impact of issues and recalls.

SYSPRO ERP Traceability

SYSPRO’s ERP solution is tailored to manufacturing business types – including automotive parts and accessories, Food and Beverage, electronics, industry machinery and equipment, fabricated metal, and packaging.

SYSPRO offers a full traceability system as part of the comprehensive solution, allowing manufacturers to access the following benefits:

  • Track materials from receipt to delivery.
  • Rapidly identify, quarantine and retrieve goods that may be defective.
  • Accelerate the time to completion of product recalls.
  • Improve governance and compliance.
  • Test and improve your traceability system continually.
  • Meet regulatory reporting requirements.
  • Mitigate the risks associated with recall.

This results in SYSPRO making the complex recall process simple for your manufacturing business.

Minimising risk

Because SYSPRO offers a comprehensive ERP, it is not limited to dealing with recalls once they happen.

SYSPRO also helps you to minimise the risk of defective products being manufactured and distributed in the first place.

This includes the ERP’s ability to manage and control suppliers and purchases – ensuring that you are able to better control the quality of the resources you are receiving.

The ability of SYSPRO ERP to monitor customer complaints is another way of mitigating the size of a recall – allowing you to identify product defects faster, and before you have manufactured and distributed a large number of these products.

During the recall process

Once the recall process is underway, SYSPRO makes it much simpler to ensure everything operates faster and more efficiently.

SYSPRO ERP even allows you to trace suspect items all the way back to the original resources used to create them.

This means that if certain of the ingredients or materials used to create the recalled products are at fault, they can be identified and disposed of.

SYSPRO’s ERP also can prevent these ingredients and materials from being used while the inspection process is underway.

Other impressive features that you can access as part of the greater SYSPRO ERP that relate to traceability include the development and maintenance of recall policies, plans, and procedures, the swift management of customer and supplier returns, and the communications management of affected customers.

Learn more

SYSPRO ERPs are a market leading solution to your manufacturing business’ process management needs.

To learn more about how SYSPRO specifically helps your business manage traceability and product recalls, download their free guide on the subject.

To contact SYSPRO about their ERP solutions, click here.

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SYSPRO ERP traceability – Simplify your manufacturing recall management