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How to become an Axxess Business Partner

Leading South African ISP Axxess is actively promoting its Business Partner Programme, which enables interested parties to resell Axxess’s range of products and services.

This is enabled through the Axxess Business Partner Programme, which is open to both individuals and companies.

Through this programme, Axxess aims to empower resellers to enter the ISP market and offer value to their customers by building upon Axxess’s reliable services and established control panel.

This forms part of Axxess’s goal to grow the ISP market by increasing competition and ensuring customers have a variety of unique value propositions to choose from.

By offering its packages to potential Business Partners at discounted rates, Axxess also benefits by reaching more clients that would have otherwise not been on its radar.

The Features

The Axxess Business Partner Programme offers a number of opportunities for resellers to develop unique value propositions.

For example, ICT companies are empowered by this programme to provide white-labelled connectivity to the SME and consumer market on a flexible, easy-to-use platform.

These companies can then provide and support Fibre, Fixed-LTE, Mobile Data, DSL, VoIP and Hosting to their customers – all using a single portal supplied by Axxess.

This portal offers numerous valuable features, such as in-depth reporting, daily usage reports and alerts, the ability to activate and suspend services, top-up and data transfer options, and the ability to apply service changes.

Other features you will enjoy as an Axxess Business Partner include:

  • API integration.
  • Customised Realms to edit your client’s usernames.
  • The ability to order bulk SIM cards and only activate as needed, allowing the business partner to control the turnaround time when getting clients connected.
  • Provision your clients’ services within seconds.
  • Experienced account managers for when you need assistance.
  • No long-term contracts or monthly minimums.
  • A simplified RICA process.
  • A white-labelled portal to brand your control panel for the end user, which can be used to check usage, and action top ups and service changes.

How to become an Axxess Business Partner

If you are interested in becoming an Axxess Business Partner, the process is incredibly simple.

You can sign-up as Business Partner via the Axxess website today by visiting

Alternatively, you can contact their sales department on 087 821 1100 to find out more.

Click here to sign up to the Axxess Business Partner Programme.

This article was published in partnership with Axxess.

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How to become an Axxess Business Partner