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The top-performing marketing products on BusinessTech

Sponsored articles with Facebook boosts, display banners, online video interviews, and dedicated mailers are the top performers on BusinessTech.

These marketing tools provide excellent exposure and produce strong results for companies.

With more South Africans working remotely and spending their free time at home – a trend which is set to continue – online channels have surged in popularity.

Reading news websites, browsing social media channels, watching streaming services, and gaming online are how people spend their time – and companies which target these online channels with their marketing activities can expect great results.

Top performers

This raises the question: which online marketing products are best?

To provide insight into this topic, we have detailed the top-performing marketing products on BusinessTech.

These products are easy to execute and can fit a range of marketing budgets.

  • Sponsored Articles with Facebook Boosts: Articles published on BusinessTech and boosted on its Facebook page receive excellent exposure and a high number of reads.
  • Mobile and Desktop Display Banners: Display banners are the most affordable way to put your brand in front of millions of South Africans.
  • Direct Mailers: Direct mailers allow a company to reach their target market at a time that suits them best.
  • Online Interviews: Online series such as Business Talk are an excellent way to position yourself as a leader in your industry.

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The top-performing marketing products on BusinessTech