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Navigating the multi-complex and dynamically volatile business landscape with success

By Dr. Abdoulie Sallah – Senior Lecturer: Alliance Business School

Enroll for the Alliance Manchester Business School Advanced Management Programme (AMP) to build your competitive edge and strategically optimize your human capital advantage.

Facilitated by Foundation for Professional Development.

(One-year, part time programme with on-line sessions)

Organizational success and adaptability embedded in the vortex of sustained competitive advantage can only be realized through a highly capable, agile, committed and innovative human capital.

As a leader, now more than ever you constantly need to have your finger on the pulse of your business and its ecosystem, to adapt and thrive in this complex and pugnacious business terrain.

The fast-paced world of leadership calls each one of us to a higher level of personal growth and to expand our knowledge base.

As an aspirant or executive level leader you are looking for ways to build your capability and a versatile set of skills that gives you strategic agility.

Every business is looking for strategic efficiency and optimization to keep pace with the velocity and unpredictability of the environments we work and live in, where the frontiers and configurations of possibilities are constantly been redefined.

Grounded in the consciousness of organizational productivity, operational optimization and business performance cannot be left to chances or astrological predictions, they can only be achieved and sustained through a highly trained and well-developed human capital marshalled through the canon of effective leadership.

The Alliance Manchester Business School (AMBS) and Foundation for Professional Development’s (FPD), Advanced Programme in Management (AMP) empowers leaders with the tools and skill set needed to effectively navigate their way through the complex business environment and fast track their careers.

According to the World Economic Forum, Africa’s future is in innovation and innovation is said to take place in two forms, by creating and cultivating a safe space for ideas within the business environment and when successful leaders drive innovation via their people.

As an aspiring business/organizational leader, this programme will facilitate a safe space for you to orchestrate and refine your leadership value proposition and as a highly accomplished business leader, it would enable you to validate your lived experience as well as develop more strategic nuances and foresights that would allow you to redefine innovation.

The Action Research component of the programme will provide you with a structured approach to rapidly implement and evaluate the success or failure of innovative ideas or solutions to problems within your managerial and leadership practice.

Co-certified by the AMBS, one of the oldest business schools in the UK and ranked as one of the top 50 global and top 20 European business schools.

The partnership with the FPD allows students in Africa to access this prestigious international programme at local tuition fees.

By enrolling for the programme, you will gain access to international programme content that is applicable beyond Sub Saharan Africa.

Having completed an international programme of this nature, you will be opening yourself up to new opportunities including accessing the international job field.

The future is there for the taking by those that are deliberate in positioning themselves for current and future opportunities by acquiring the relevant skills needed to increase the trajectory of their careers as a leader and establish themselves as world class thought leaders.

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Navigating the multi-complex and dynamically volatile business landscape with success