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The value of instant payment systems – Sign up for the webinar

Temenos and BankservAfrica, in partnership with SADC Banking, are running an exclusive webinar titled “Creating a financially-inclusive economy through instant payment systems” on 19 May 2021 at 11:00 am SAST.

This webinar takes attendees through the payment modernisation journey and highlights the value that instant payments can bring to your organisation, with a specific focus on the exciting introduction of a new cross border, Africa focused, instant payment scheme, SADC TCIB.

This is particularly important in the context of Africa, where banking the unbanked is a priority.

It is estimated that only 36% of the SADC population is currently banked, which means there are many people who do not have access to the formal mechanisms needed to send cross-border remittances.

Instant payment solutions like BankservAfrica’s Transactions Cleared on an Immediate Basis (TCIB) product help businesses serve the needs of their customers and reach new markets, while creating a financially-inclusive economy.

The webinar will discuss how TCIB works, how it can benefit your organisation, and how it will help you reach your financial goals – all while providing value to your customers and empowering the economy.

The following experts will speak at the event:

Mick Fennell – Business Line Director, Temenos Payments

Arthur Cousins – SADC Payments Project Coordinator, SADC Banking

Francois Roode – Head: Africa Business Development, BankservAfrica

About TCIB

BankservAfrica has worked with the SADC Banking Association to develop the cost-effective TCIB service.

This service was introduced in 2021 and is set to revolutionise payments processing and services in sub-Saharan markets.

TCIB is an interoperable payments solution that enables high-volume, day-to-day, low-value, instant cross-border and domestic transfers between parties within the SADC region.

This cross-border functionality is enabled by BankservAfrica, which defined the scheme rules to support low-value credit transfers to be cleared through the appointed regional clearing and settlement operator.

BankservAfrica is the largest clearing house in Africa and is the industry leader in electronic payment and information switching services.

Now, through TCIB, it is making it easy for more Southern Africans to transfer money between countries in the region – and your organisation can reap the benefits.

The Webinar will provide key insights into the new TCIB service and also guidance in how banks in the SADC region can efficiently implement support for the new service.

Sign up to the webinar and learn more about TCIB.

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The value of instant payment systems – Sign up for the webinar