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Get fast home broadband from R199 per month

If you are looking for a fast and affordable broadband service, Supersonic’s home broadband is for you.

Supersonic’s home broadband products are offered over MTN’s award-winning LTE network, which guarantees excellent speeds and great reliability.

With countrywide coverage, home broadband is a great alternative for people who cannot get fibre – or those looking for a cheaper option.

Supersonic’s home broadband pricing starts at R199 per month for a 60GB package, and goes up to R799 per month for a 300GB service.

Supersonic is also offering an uncapped service aimed at high-end users for only R999 per month.

Supersonic home broadband is available on simple month-to-month contracts too, which means no long-term commitment, no credit checks, and no complicated paperwork.

Another benefit is that all subscribers will get a free-to-use LTE router, which they can use for as long as the service remains active.

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Get fast home broadband from R199 per month