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How to become an Axiz HPE channel partner

Businesses which are running legacy systems face significant challenges – including reduced performance, increased costs, and costly maintenance.

This is why many South African businesses are looking for innovative, modern solutions to replace their legacy systems and improve their IT stack.

HPE is a market leader in IT systems whose solutions are being used by thousands of businesses around the world, and as an IT technology distributor you should offer their products and services to your clients.

The top HPE products and services that are helping businesses revolutionise their IT systems are detailed below.

HPE Compute

HPE offers a range of powerful products across the compute segments.

This includes an extensive range of server products and solutions that offer market-leading performance.

These solutions are driven by AI technologies, with HPE InfoSight being particularly beneficial as it simplifies how your infrastructure is managed and supported.

HPE OneView also transforms your compute and storage systems into a software-defined infrastructure.

HPE storage

HPE storage products also lead the market by offering an extensive range of options, all of which use powerful technologies and leading design.

It is incredibly easy to integrate your storage solutions into HPE compute products to provide a comprehensive, unified cloud experience from edge to cloud.

This is enabled through valuable technologies such as HPE InfoSight – which lets you leverage autonomous data operations to improve performance – and other powerful features and technologies including disaggregated HyperConverged Infrastructure (dHCI).

Become an Axiz HPE channel partner

If you are interested in becoming a channel partner for HPE’s extensive range of products and services, integrated distribution solutions provider Axiz is ready to join forces with you.

Axiz boasts a team of solutions experts who specialise in HPE products and can help you with all your design and build requests across all environments.

This includes the provision of comprehensive installation services, which helps implement your clients’ market-leading HPE products and solutions quickly and seamlessly.

Becoming an Axiz HPE partner will allow you to serve businesses of all sizes, as HPE’s extensive catalogue of products and services caters to all organisation sizes and verticals.

To learn more about becoming an Axiz HPE channel partner, contact Axiz today via [email protected] or visit Axiz’s HPE webpage.

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How to become an Axiz HPE channel partner