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Openserve enhances the customer experience through new digital channels

South Africa’s leading Open Access Service Provider, Openserve, is boosting its customer experience by providing customers with accessible information, additional communication platforms and self-enablement tools through its digital channels and interaction points such as the Openserve Connect App and now its recently re-launched new Openserve Connect website.

Connectivity is at the heart of digital transformation and Openserve strives to keep South Africans connected by providing the ultimate broadband experience for households and businesses.

The renewed and refreshed website is part of Openserve’s strategy to reach more South Africans and connect more homes and businesses through digital enablement.

Openserve CEO Althon Beukes says, “There is a huge demand for Openserve connectivity, and as we continue to rollout our fibre network and upgrade our network nodes to enable greater reach on our high-speed broadband network, we are also investing in building the right kind of digital capabilities that allow customers to easily connect their homes and businesses to Openserve network.”

“Openserve is an innovation driven organisation and we are constantly looking to ensure that our customer experience improves.”

“We are creating multiple digital channels through which the customers can interact, understand, empower themselves and get connected to the Openserve network.”

“We see digital transformation less about only the technology but also about the whole ecosystem which harnesses internal and external capabilities to evolve our business forward”.

Openserve is using newer cloud-enabled technologies to simplify the customer experience by introducing an Openserve Virtual Assistant which is available 24/7 to help answer questions or assist with site navigation.

“We are enhancing our digital experience back office that focuses on interacting with customers across our social channels and help solve queries while enabling customers to connect their premises to our fibre network.”

“With the help of the flexible self-service capabilities that are an inherent and key part of the customer experience, we are re-programming and reconfiguring our processes while keeping the customer at the heart of the digital transformation we are undertaking.” Beukes says.

On the new Openserve connect website, customers can check their coverage and order fibre to be installed at their premise directly.

Additionally, the website has catered for estates, developers and HOAs, who now have a dedicated channel to engage directly with Openserve.

Customers can also explore the learn-and-discover segments on the website which will equip them to further understand broadband while the new design, look and feel of the website provides customers with a seamless digital experience.

Check out the new Openserve Connect website on or download the app on your app store now! Available on iOS. Huawei Gallery and Google Play.

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Openserve enhances the customer experience through new digital channels