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Orbi Pro WiFi 6 Mini ideal for small businesses and home workers

The Orbi Pro WiFi 6 Mini (SXK30) dual-band Mesh system delivers Wi-Fi 6 performance and coverage and easy-to-configure security features, making it an ideal choice for today’s small and medium businesses.

The base configuration of an Orbi Pro WiFi 6 Mini system comprises a router and a satellite.

Each router and satellite also includes an integrated NETGEAR Ethernet switch and delivers aggregate Wi-Fi speeds of up to 1.8 Gbps.

The base configuration of the Orbi Pro Wi-Fi 6 Mini Mesh System provides up to 1,219 m2 of coverage. Up to three optional additional satellites expand the Wi-Fi coverage of the system to up to 3 048 m2.

“In an era where business professionals and students are working and learning from home, network congestion and security are real issues.

The Orbi Pro WiFi 6 Mini Mesh system provides the capability to maintain secure and separate Wi-Fi channels.

Featuring the latest Wi-Fi data security protocol, WPA3, along with support for up to four separate SSIDs and VLANs, the Orbi Pro WiFi 6 Mini Mesh System enables network streams to be securely separated from each other, for example by creating a work-from-home network stream, a learn-from-home network stream, an entertainment network stream, and a guest/customer network stream,” says Tobie van Schalkwyk, product manager for NETGEAR at Duxbury Networking.

To enable a business-friendly network environment, Orbi Pro WiFi 6 Mini has four gigabit ethernet LAN ports in each satellite unit and three LAN ports in the router unit.

This makes it easier to securely connect wired peripherals, such as printers, scanners, point-of-sale systems, TVs, cameras and gaming consoles.

“Work-from-home and distance learning are here to stay.

However, choppy audio or dropped video calls and extended file transfer times have become commonplace disruptions to daily operations.

The new Orbi Pro WiFi 6 Mini Dual-band Mesh system satisfies the demands of users working or learning from home.

It is a business-friendly Wi-Fi network, offering higher speeds, improved security, and greater coverage, thus helping enhance user productivity and mixed network security,” says van Schalkwyk.

Orbi Pro WiFi 6 Mini is built for small business professionals who demand easy and intuitive installation and management.

Easy setup is enabled via a browser version or a downloadable mobile device App version of the Insight App.

Orbi Pro WiFi 6 Mini includes a 1-year subscription of Insight Premium or Pro with purchase.

With NETGEAR Insight, an authorised administrator can remotely change network parameters such as SSID, VLAN, and DHCP Subnet on the Orbi Pro WiFi 6 Mini.

Additionally, administrators can set event alarms and receive event-based alerts from their Wi-Fi 6 mesh system; and perform firmware updates or track configuration history.

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Orbi Pro WiFi 6 Mini ideal for small businesses and home workers