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Why your business needs trusted short-term insurance

For SMEs to grow sustainably and deliver on their aspirations as SA’s economic engine, business owners need to take risk management very seriously.

The unexpected can cripple their business in current volatile markets.

Old Mutual Insure, one of South Africa’s leading and trusted non-life insurers is well-positioned to provide such security during uncertainty.

Overcoming perils on the growth journey

All businesses face perils on their growth journey, such as weather-related damage from floods that can damage stock or even a fire that can destroy the business premises.

Vehicle accidents can impact logistics and distribution and bring a thriving business to a devastating stop.

Therefore, businessowners need to choose a partner they can trust to protect and progress their business.

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Why Choose Old Mutual Insure Business Insurance?

  • An all-in-one, tailored policy, one product and premium for all your non-life business insurance needs.
  • Swiftcare Commercial Assist – A value-added optional benefit that provides access to roadside, office and medical assistance.
  • Peace of mind from the oldest and one of the leading non-life insurance companies in South Africa.

The Business Growth Box – an online toolbox to thrive in the digital world

Old Mutual Insure believes in investing in the future of SA’s SMEs. Therefore, we have put together an online toolbox with business tools to help SMEs thrive in the digital and competitive landscape.

Click here to access the Business Growth Box for these helpful growth tips.

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Why your business needs trusted short-term insurance