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Moving beyond mediocrity – How to elevate the digital experience

Seth Godin, author of the ‘Purple Cow’, talks about the three kinds of corporate mediocrity:

  • Uncaring mediocrity – Organizations so focused on their mediocrity, they suck the humanity out of not just the people who work there, but from the interactions the customers have as well.
  • Focused mediocrity – Organisations intentionally chasing volume for bottom line on products and services that lack originality, hoping the largest possible number of people will be satisfied enough NOT to complain.
  • Accidental mediocrity – Uniformed leadership in organisations who don’t even realize that they’re not delivering excellence.

In fact, 80% of CEO’s believe they deliver a superior customer experience – but only 8% of their customers feel the same.

Leaders who are stifled by this sort of cognitive inertia cannot forge new innovative paths for their organisations.

This unawareness also lends itself to the “sheeple” effect – employees who rely on familiar assumptions and make decisions based on tradition rather than on effectiveness.

Moving beyond this inertia requires businesses to deliberately design engaging experiences.

These are inherently personal, existing only in the mind of the customer who has been engaged on an emotional, physical, intellectual, or even spiritual level.

The experience occurs when an organization engages customers in a way that creates a memorable event.

“To succeed in the rapidly evolving experience economy executives must think differently about how they create economic value for their customers.”

  1. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore – Welcome to the Experience Economy

Elevating the digital experience

Customer experience and the technology available to organizations today is fundamentally changing how companies operate and gain a competitive advantage.

At the core of this change is digital integration.

This involves the data, systems, processes and culture needed to understand more about your customers and employees so that you can design unique experiences for every individual.

Start this process by asking these four questions:

1. How can I generate more online revenue?

2. How can I reduce cost to serve?

3. How can I give my employees what they need to be highly effective?

4. How can I breakdown silos created by disparate technologies?

Your people, culture and processes all play critical roles, and it is therefore essential to determine a holistic view and strategy for your organization.

Choosing the correct technology framework to identify key elements and dependencies will contribute to innovation and help drive your digital experience strategy to achieve the greatest impact.

JumpCO Consulting and Liferay

JumpCO Consulting, in partnership with Liferay, will help streamline and personalize your customer journey.

Digital experience platforms such as Liferay facilitate integration of existing services into a unified platform to provide a consistent omnichannel, personalized customer experience, regardless of device.

Liferay DXP is built to be flexible, extensible and scalable to incorporate emerging technologies, and support multiple customer-facing solutions.

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Moving beyond mediocrity – How to elevate the digital experience