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Why you have to be consistent with online advertising

If you want your product, service, brand, or company to be top-of-mind among South African businesses and consumers, you need to advertise online.

This is according to research by Google, which stated that establishing brand awareness is only half the job when it comes to online advertising.

Google used the example of online retailers and how customers buy from their favourite stores.

“A recent study by Kantar shows that while consumers may be aware of many different retailers, they actually end up buying from just a select few,” said Google.

“Take Germany, for example. Consumers there know 16 online stores on average, while shoppers in Spain are aware of 13, and Italians can recall 10. Yet in each of these countries, consumers typically buy from only three stores.”

This means that establishing your brand in people’s minds does not automatically mean they will become a customer.

You need to continually be top-of-mind through consistent marketing campaigns to get them onboard.

What works

Google then looked at what was key to moving people from considering an online store to actually visiting it.

The answer: consistent online advertising.

“The average consumer can easily see thousands of ads in a day – a single ad may not cut through the clutter. A constant presence can keep your brand top-of-mind,” said Google.

“Our MMM research with omnichannel retailers demonstrates the importance of marketing investment for online success.”

“On average, 51% of online traffic and digital sales are driven by marketing investment.”

Placing online adverts in the right place at the right time was another key consideration, it said.

“Recent Google research shows that simply showing up while consumers are considering a purchase can convince between 18% to 44% of consumers to shift from their first-choice brand to a second choice.”

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Why you have to be consistent with online advertising