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What is ADSL?

In a time where we define our level of knowledge and access to internet connectivity in acronyms, it becomes more apparent that some of us may not necessarily know or understand as much about technical acronyms used to describe basic home connectivity and what you may need that will ensure you’re receiving:

  • your most optimal connection
  • at the best speeds
  • using the best network

Supersonic, is going to be sharing a host of technical acronym explanations over the next couple of weeks.

ADSL aka Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line is the internet connection you’ve more than likely been provided by Telkom.

It’s a broadband connection via existing copper telephone lines with high data traffic compared to standard telephone lines.

The ADSL service ceased back in 2020 which will become obsolete in South Africa as service providers simply can’t afford to keep replacing lines.

If you are looking to connect your home or office with faster, simpler and more affordable internet – check your speed and sign up now.

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What is ADSL?