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Top up with Axxess VoIP CallTime and win great prizes

Axxess is running a promotion where you stand a chance to win one of 10 Flyingvoice FIP16 portable Wi-Fi handsets valued at R1,999 each.

If you top up your Axxess VoIP CallTime, you will receive an entry into a weekly draw where one of these awesome devices will be up for grabs.

The first draw will take place on 23 June 2021 and will continue over 10 weeks to provide weekly opportunities to win big with Axxess.

Flyingvoice FIP16 portable Wi-Fi handset

The Flyingvoice FIP16 portable Wi-Fi handset is an IP phone that is designed to be used at home or in an office.

The device is perfect to use with your Axxess’s VoIP CallTime product as an upgrade over your existing VoIP phone.

It offers amazing reception, which makes it easy to use your existing Wi-Fi network across your home or office without the need for range extenders.

The FIP16 also boasts a 1.8-inch LCD display which provides important call information and uses an icon-based interface.

Additionally, it comes with a USB charging station which does a great job of recharging the FIP16’s impeccable battery life.

Using Axxess VoIP

If you wish to enter this great competition, top up your VoIP service via the Axxess Client Control Panel or on the Axxess Voice App.

Axxess CallTime offers a range of great features, including the ability to roll over unused minutes for three months.

The Axxess VoIP service also includes free calls to other Axxess VoIP numbers, and there are no additional subscription costs – making Axxess VoIP the obvious choice for your home or business.

To top up your CallTime, the following the steps below:

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

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Top up with Axxess VoIP CallTime and win great prizes