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Load-shedding essentials for every budget from Takealot

The latest stint of load-shedding has interrupted the lives of millions of South Africans, and there is unfortunately no end in sight.

Whether you are working from home and need power, or are keeping your family entertained after-hours, having an alternative power source is crucial to get you through the rolling blackouts.

Takealot can help

Takealot understands that many South African households currently don’t have sufficient measures in place to deal with Eskom load-shedding – and that these households think solutions are too expensive for them to afford.

This is why Takealot has focused on providing products that equip South African households to survive load-shedding regardless of their budget, ensuring that no one is left out from the benefits of alternative power solutions.

South Africa’s leading online retailer has curated many of its load-shedding products into price-based groups, where you can search for energy products that fit your budget.

The three groups include products below R3,000, below R5,000, and below R10,000 – and include UPSs, inverters, and rechargeable lights.

We have detailed great products that are available in each of these sections below.

Load-shedding products under R3,000

The products available for under R3,000 features a number of UPS devices that offer amazing value for money.

They will be able to power a number of lights and appliances without breaking the bank.

You can also get other great load-shedding products such as powerful rechargeable lights.

RCT 850VA UPS – R749

Mecer 2000VA UPS – R1,999

Magneto Rechargeable Compact Floodlight – R359

Load-shedding products under R5,000

The UPS products under R5,000 offer even more power than those in the previous category, and are great for those looking for the optimal balance between price and performance.

You can also get high-quality inverters in this price bracket, which make it easy to convert stored AC power to DC power.

RCT 3000VAS UPS – R3,299

Axpert VM 1000W/100VA Inverter – R4,199

Kstar 2000Va Online UPS – R4,999

Load-shedding products under R10,000

The load-shedding products under R10,000 offer premium quality and can support many different devices and lights.

Some of these products offer additional quality-of-life features like superior smart functionality, while you can also get more specific products like Rackmount UPS systems.

Tech Geeks 3KVA 2.4KW 24V Hybrid Inverter – R5,999

APC 1000VA 600W 230V Smart UPS – R7,105

Mecer 2000VA Rackmount UPS – R6,599

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Load-shedding essentials for every budget from Takealot