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The biggest business news websites in South Africa

BusinessTech is the largest and most influential business news website in South Africa.

How big do you have to be, to be the biggest?

BusinessTech was read by over 6.0 million South Africans in June 2021, cementing its place at the head of the pack.

This large audience is thanks to its high-quality and relevant content, which is read by C-level executives, business owners, directors, senior managers, and professionals.

This includes the following monthly audiences:

  • CEO/Director – 115,000
  • Business Owner – 708,000
  • Senior Management – 552,000
  • Middle Management – 1,171,000
  • Junior Management – 963,000

Furthermore, the majority of BusinessTech’s readers are decision makers in their household.

2.2 million readers are the primary decision maker at home, while 3.0 million readers are a joint decision maker at home.

The biggest websites

To see which general, business, technology, and automotive news websites in South Africa are the biggest, we can turn to the SA Internet Map.

The online portal details the biggest websites in South Africa, based on figures supplied by Narratiive.

Narratiive is the IAB SA’s official traffic measurement partner for news websites.

The SA Internet Map allows you to see the size of all news websites in South Africa, along with the biggest business, technology, and automotive news websites.

Click here to visit the SA Internet Map.

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The biggest business news websites in South Africa