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MTN Business SD-WAN – The future of business networks

COVID-19 has accelerated the digital transformation of businesses, as employees have been forced to work remotely.

Hybrid working is expected to be the norm even once the pandemic is over, and this means that traditional connectivity solutions are no longer sufficient for your organization.

This includes traditional Wide Area Networks (WANs), which cannot keep up with new technologies and working strategies.

Likewise, MPLS solutions are rigid and this legacy technology is more expensive to run, provides less technology, offers reduced performance, and is less flexible than modern alternatives.

This is why businesses are turning to MTN Business’s Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solutions as the future of networking.

MTN Business has seen an exponential increase in SD-WAN demand over the past year and expects this rise in demand to continue for the foreseeable future.

How SD-WAN benefits businesses

Modern businesses need to embrace modern technologies so they can keep up with their competitors and provide the best possible service to their customers.

Key to the success of these new technologies is having access to high-speed networks that offer a reliable connection to the entire workforce.

SD-WAN solves this challenge by reducing latency and costs while improving network management capabilities.

This is possible thanks to automation and simplification of network configurations, which makes your network more agile and secure.

It also improves network efficiency, making it easier for your teams to work efficiently while engaging with clients seamlessly.

Additionally, SD-WAN forms the foundation of greater innovation and optimized business processes, meaning it makes growth far easier.

It offers increased agility compared to traditional WAN solutions, too, as you can add or remove connections as needed, and is driven by software optimized in accordance with your unique needs.

MTN Business SD-WAN – The best choice for your business

If you are interested in switching to SD-WAN, MTN Business’s SD-WAN solution is the obvious choice.

MTN has its own tier one, carrier-grade network that has won countless awards and MTN Business also has agreements with many third-party networks.

It offers an extensive suite of SD-WAN products, as well as access to multiple OEMs that allow you to craft the perfect SD-WAN solution for your needs.

MTN Business’s position in the market as a leader across a vast range of business solutions makes it easy to integrate your MTN Business SD-WAN with a vast range of other MTN Business solutions, too, resulting in increased simplicity in an increasingly complex IT world.

MTN Business even offers its SD-WAN as a managed service, meaning you get an SD-WAN through a single point of contact and with a single invoice at the end of the month.

Contact MTN Business about its SD-WAN solutions.

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MTN Business SD-WAN – The future of business networks