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Why your business needs HP’s Device as a Service solution

Now that your workforce is working from home, it is important that you equip your employees with the right tools to navigate what DG likes to call the “new necessary.”

This includes making sure your employees have all the hardware they need to maintain their productivity levels.

Digital Generation (DG) is therefore focused on providing services that help South African businesses equip their employees with the right hardware and software during the new necessary.

Whether you are looking to acquire new equipment for your employees to supplement what they currently have, or want to refresh your tech – DG is dedicated to partnering with your IT and finance teams to offer all of this and much more with an affordable and flexible OPEX model.

This is possible through HP Device as a Service (DaaS), which is a solution DG leverages to help each of its clients with their unique needs.


HP DaaS supplies your employees with high-quality hardware like HP laptops, desktops, mobile, and specialized devices.

HP’s TechPulse platform then makes it easy to manage these devices, and DG will assist you in identifying and mitigating issues that could affect your employees’ abilities to perform their daily tasks.

DG will also help you to keep your hardware up to date, and if something goes wrong with a device, you can work with DG to get your devices repaired.

Additionally, you receive valuable device lifecycle services which make it easy to tailor your solution to your business’s needs.

The solution includes per-device billing, too, and DG makes it easy to increase or decrease the resources you use in accordance with your business’s ever-changing needs.

For example – if you require additional resources during the lockdown, DG can help you access these resources without forcing you into a long-term commitment.

DG’s commitment to South African businesses

DG understands that South African businesses are struggling under the weight of local COVID-19 regulations and restrictions – and is committed to helping you through these tough times.

DG has helped businesses who have employees working from home in several ways, including:

  • Putting together work-from-home catalogues for its clients that simplify the remote-working transition process.
  • Supplying desks, chairs, and monitors – including a partnership with a local supplier to supply pop-up desks to clients’ workforces that didn’t have desks at home.

This forms part of DG’s focus on being an IT partner, rather than just an IT reseller, as DG works directly with its clients to adapt and adopt its strategies and services to best suit your needs.

DG is an HP Power Partner, which means they get all the standard HP partner benefits and much more – including higher levels of support, data-driven insights, and Amplify Online.

This makes DG the obvious choice for businesses interested in taking advantage of the HP DaaS solution.

DG is also a level 1 BEE-compliant company, being 51.67% black owned and 31% black women owned, which means DG offers your business the best B-BBEE scorecard benefits.

Click here to learn more about HP DaaS from DG.

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Why your business needs HP’s Device as a Service solution