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How Veritas can help your business improve its data protection

Data protection is an important consideration for every organisation, but many are not dealing with it sufficiently.

A key reason for this is that modern applications and data is fragmented across cloud providers, locations, and infrastructures – meaning organisations are forced to develop data protection strategies and solutions on the fly.

These solutions are not comprehensive and their inadequacies make organisations vulnerable to malicious actors.

Unfortunately for these organisations, these malicious actors are only growing in prominence, with a recent Veritas Resiliency Report finding that 42% of respondents have experienced a ransomware attack over the past twelve months.

Veritas backup and recovery solutions

Veritas understands that businesses require data protection solutions that are simple to use, yet comprehensive in their functionality, and this is its priority when designing its products.

Veritas Backup Exec is a secure and unified backup service that offers complete protection and recovery for your data – wherever it lives.

The solution offers forever incremental virtual machine backups through the Backup Exec Accelerator tool, which makes it easy to protect your virtual environments and workloads while guaranteeing faster backup times.

You can set these backups to be agentless, or you can opt for agent-assisted backups – offering you greater flexibility.

Another excellent solution is Veritas System Recovery, which is a comprehensive and instant disaster recovery solution that can be used across servers, virtual machines, desktops, and laptops.

It minimises downtime by offering instant recoveries across all of your devices and systems.

The tool makes use a granular recovery model, too, which means you can perform both file and image-level recoveries.

This removes the need to make multiple backups to either recover individual files and folders, or your entire system.

Axiz – Your Veritas partner in South Africa

Axiz is a leading South African IT company that is the preferred Veritas partner for local businesses.

They make the implementation of Veritas’s backup and recovery solutions simple for your organisation, removing complexity and enabling you to reap the benefits right away.

Fill out the form below to get in contact with Axiz and learn more about data protection products and solutions from Veritas.

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How Veritas can help your business improve its data protection