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How South Africans are earning passive incomes during these uncertain times

If you are putting your money into a bank account to earn interest, you should consider a stablecoin interest account instead.

OVEX’s cryptocurrency interest accounts dwarf the returns of traditional savings accounts by offering up to 20% per annum, based on the type of interest account you choose.

This makes it the perfect balance for those who don’t have the time and resources to get involved in stock or cryptocurrency trading, but who seek higher returns than a savings account from a bank offers.

Interest accounts make cryptocurrency simple

Opening and investing in an OVEX interest account is as simple as opening a traditional savings account with a bank.

All you have to do is create an OVEX account, make a deposit and open and interest account, and it will automatically begin generating interest.

This interest is paid out at 17:00 daily, while withdrawal notice periods are only 30 days.

OVEX offers interest accounts for of stablecoins and non-tethered cryptocurrencies – including Binance USD, TrueUSD, and Bitcoin.

Stablecoin interest accounts are also popular as they let South Africans invest in the US dollar without the excessive regulatory red tape and expenses they would face if purchasing the fiat currency version of the dollar.

Provided you maintain your minimum account balance, you can sit back and do nothing while your investment grows substantially.

Invest with OVEX

OVEX is a leading South African cryptocurrency investment platform that trades around R4 billion per month in cryptocurrency.

It prides itself on its low fees, simple interface, and great service.

This is why it has thousands of happy clients – many of whom are making over R250,000 per year through the platform across its interest accounts, OTC trading, and arbitrage trading.

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How South Africans are earning passive incomes during these uncertain times