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Why cryptocurrency arbitrage is a great way to make passive income

Cryptocurrency is becoming the preferred choice for investors who are frustrated by traditional investment avenues that offer low returns and lots of red tape.

This is why thousands of South Africans are turning to OVEX’s cryptocurrency arbitrage product to make superior profits quickly.

Cryptocurrency arbitrage involves buying cryptocurrency on cheaper markets, and then selling it on more expensive markets.

The discrepancies in these markets are caused by certain countries – including South Africa – having exchange controls that make it more costly to acquire internationally-traded cryptocurrencies.

By purchasing on markets without these controls – such as US markets – where you pay less for cryptocurrency then in South Africa – you can exploit this discrepancy to make profits fast.

How OVEX makes it happen

OVEX’s cryptocurrency arbitrage takes all the complications out of your hands, meaning you can make arbitrage trades in just a few clicks.

The product leverages the TUSD stablecoin as its arbitrage cryptocurrency of choice, and allows South African investors to instantly buy and sell this cryptocurrency in order to make a profit.

“When the client buys USD from their bank to send overseas they are able to – at the exact same time – sell TUSD for a profit via the OVEX OTC (Over-The-Counter) desk, which will extend the client a credit line,” explained OVEX founder Jon Ovadia.

OVEX guarantees its customers no trading losses and only charges a fixed fee of 1% on all trades – making cryptocurrency arbitrage an attractive investment opportunity.

Invest with OVEX

The OVEX cryptocurrency arbitrage platform is helping thousands of OVEX clients make over R200,000 per year – and you could be next.

Click here to learn more about OVEX cryptocurrency arbitrage.

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Why cryptocurrency arbitrage is a great way to make passive income