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HP printers from Nashua Print – The sustainable option

HP printers have a well-earned reputation for offering amazing print quality and great features.

The company also prioritises sustainability within its printer ranges – which makes these printers the obvious choice for responsible businesses.

Optimised printing

Did you know that HP printers are specifically designed to reduce resource wastage.

For example, many businesses may have experienced bad prints where paper wasn’t inserted correctly, or gets jammed while the printing job is happening.

The HP MFP E47528f solves this with up to three paper trays that have locking guides which reduce the possibility of human error.

HP’s printers are also optimised to reduce their toner usage, which means you use fewer resources per print.

You can even simplify your scanning jobs by using scan to cloud connectors that use intuitive web apps

Now that this is a reality, your remote workforce can share documents easily from anywhere and at any time.

Managed services

In response to the global pandemic, remote and hybrid working uptake has accelerated, which means it is important that all of your printers can be managed beyond the confines of your internal network.

Did you know that Nashua’s comprehensive managed services let you equip your work teams with lots of HP printers at their homes and offices while maintaining complete control over your entire fleet?

This takes the work out of your hands and means you can be confident that your workforce always has the ability to execute print jobs quickly and effectively.

HP’s Smart Device Services (SDS) are at the heart of this awesome solution, and leverage the cloud to make printer management quick, easy, and comprehensive.

You’re probably wondering how the time-consuming DCA installation process allows for such a streamlined service.

Now that the workplace has shifted, HP has solved this by building a solution that does not require the installation of any DCA on your network!

This makes implementing managed services across your remote workforce and branch offices far easier – saving you both time and money by reducing the steps required to achieve complete print efficiency.

World’s most secure printer

Did you know that HP enterprise printers offer the most advanced print security in the industry?

This is because these printers feature several layers of defence that work against a vast range of threats.

What’s more – these security solutions are built into your printer, meaning you don’t have to worry about complicated manual configurations – simply enjoy the peace of mind these printers provide!

Amazing security features that are available through HP’s Enterprise printers include:

  • HP Sure Start – Automatically restarts your printer with a safe copy of the BIOS should your current version be compromised.
  • Whitelisting – Common Criteria Certified whitelisting ensures firmware is authentic, with any tampering being dealt with swiftly and effectively.
  • Run-time Intrusion Detection – When the printer is on, unusual activity results in a memory-cleaning reboot.
  • HP Connection Inspector – Automatically detects outbound data for packets often used by hackers.
  • Self-healing – When an issue is detected, your HP printer can execute a self-healing reboot.

Ideal form factor

One of the biggest challenges when equipping your teams with enterprise printers is finding a place to put them.

In response to this, HP launched the MFP E47528f – which is the world’s smallest enterprise-class MFP!

This MFP is incredibly easy to fit into any workspace and it is therefore the perfect MFP for business that are working remotely.

It is also great for hybrid working as its small form factor means it is far easier to transport between locations.

This small size combines with its big performance – it has up to 850-sheet capacity – to make high-volume print jobs a breeze.

Save energy

With the future of South Africa’s power grid still very much up in the air, it makes sense to prioritise energy efficiency when choosing an MFP for your business.

Electricity tariffs continue to increase, and there is little sign of this trend slowing down.

If you’re conscious of how much your business spends on electricity, there is no better option than an HP MFP.

It boasts an incredible 664 Energy Star certified personal systems products, which is more than any other manufacturer in the world.

Energy Star certified products must meet strict energy efficiency criteria that have been set by formal bodies such as the US Environmental Protection Agency or the US Department of Energy – meaning products that earn this accolade are proven to outperform their competitors in terms of energy efficiency.

HP is so committed to reducing its products’ energy consumption that it was even named a 2021 Energy Star Partner of the Year.

Energy Star certified HP enterprise printers are particularly valuable in South Africa, where electricity prices are very expensive.

This makes energy-saving products like the HP MFP E47528f printer crucial to reducing your operating costs – which is a top priority for local businesses given the tough economic times we face.

Ultimately, this makes HP MFPs a win-win product – they make you a more responsible business, while also saving you money!

HP’s reduced footprint

Every business has a responsibility towards the environment, and energy efficiency is just one of several areas that need to be addressed.

HP is heavily committed to reducing its eco-footprint across all of these areas.

In its 2020 Sustainable Impact report, HP said its carbon and water footprints had decreased by 4% and 11% respectively, and reiterated its goal of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions across the entire HP value chain by 2040.

HP is also the only company to receive a quadruple “A” score from the CDP Climate “A” list as a climate, forest, water, and supplier engagement leader.

Over 50% of HP’s global electricity use is renewable, too, and HP continues to work with several projects and initiatives to increase sustainability globally.

By using HP printers, you are therefore making a statement regarding your business’ attitude towards environmental responsibility.

Inks and toners

Did you know that HP has also achieved remarkable sustainability success with its inks and toners?

100% of new HP toner cartridges and over 80% of new ink cartridges are made with recycled plastics that have been broken down and reused.

These plastics are sourced through HP’s Planet Partners programme, and amount to 830 million recycled original HP cartridges distributed so far.

This is all in line with HP’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality within its supplies business by 2030.

When you use an HP printer along with the company’s original cartridges, you are supporting a global effort towards environmental responsibility.

Nashua Print

Nashua is proud to be a distributor of HP’s sustainable printer products in South Africa – including the impressive Colour LaserJet Managed MFP E47528f.

HP’s smallest enterprise MFP is perfect for tight workspaces that need high-quality printing services.

Nashua’s managed print solutions are available through its 60 franchises across southern Africa, and the company offers an extensive range of printers and services that will cater to your needs.

Click here to learn more.

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HP printers from Nashua Print – The sustainable option