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“An opportunity to get your foot on the ladder” says CMTrading’s Daniel Kibel

“The best way to become successful in online trading is to take chances at the right time as well as investing in the right products,” says CMTrading’s Daniel Kibel.

Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Richard Branson… the world’s richest have recently set their eyes on the final frontier – space.

Is this merely a hugely expensive version of one-upmanship among the world’s richest individuals, or could space tourism eventually take off.

More importantly, are there opportunities for local investors?

CMTrading CEO, Daniel Kibel, answers these questions and more and shares advice for traders.

Bezos, Musk, Branson – Why are all these billionaires heading to space?

If you take a look at these individuals; Bezos, Musk & Branson, they’re people who have always taken risks.

They’ve seen opportunities in the market, considered the risk and made a huge success of it.

It’s akin to some of the successful traders with CMTrading.

Now, they want to invest their money in something else.

You can call it a ‘billionaire’s plaything’, yet they want to take risks by going even further and eventually taking people into space.

It’s important to note that these are the individuals who succeed, the ones who take chances. It’s not that they gamble, but they make informed decisions with calculated risks.

Risks that others might shy away from. It’s a lot like trading; those that take the risks – as long as these risks are calculated – are the ones that end up making the most money.

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Do you think space tourism could take off?

People in general tend to flaunt their wealth and space tourism is like any new fad on the market – everyone with the means will want to get in on it.

The potential is there and I’m sure it will eventually take off, but as to when and for how long it remains to be seen.

What investment opportunities will Space Tourism offer?

Like any industry, it will need to be supported by primary and secondary businesses.

In this case, there would need to be sufficient infrastructure to support it.

Eventually, I believe you would be able to invest in aerospace and space transportation companies such as SpaceX, which will one day shuttle people off to the moon and beyond.

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If you could, would you join them?

To be completely honest, the short answer would be a firm “no”.

I believe there are much better things to do with your money, even though I understand these individuals have worked hard for their money and they can afford to be taking high risks.

If I had that sort of money, I absolutely would invest it further to make it up to their level.

Is it possible to achieve what these billionaires have?

Billionaires have a lifestyle that very few people will be able to enjoy in this lifetime.

It’s a lifestyle that most of us can only dream of. However, some individuals have taken chances in the market.

Whether it was through online trading, as most of them do, or by investing in their businesses, they all took chances in the market.

The only way to become truly successful is to take chances at the right time and invest in the right products.

The majority of high-net-worth individuals made their fortune by investing their time and money in the right products.

What we’re offering at CMTrading is an opportunity to get your foot on the ladder. Invest, start making money and hopefully, with the market as volatile as it is at the moment, there’s a lot of profit to be made.

Any advice for South African traders?

Don’t go into this with your eyes closed. Understand that trading poses risk with a huge potential upside.

Now is the time to get involved with the markets; volatility is what creates opportunities in the financial markets.

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“An opportunity to get your foot on the ladder” says CMTrading’s Daniel Kibel