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Telkom Business offers scalable voice solutions for small and medium businesses

The COVID-19 pandemic has undoubtedly devastated small and medium businesses, with SMEs having to redirect their spending and cut costs.

This, along with remote and hybrid working models, means that businesses have had to adopt more efficient ways to communicate with their employees and their customers.

This has led to the rapid acceleration and adoption of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP), which enables businesses to make voice calls using broadband internet connection.

What makes VoIP attractive is that it requires less infrastructure than the traditional fixed phone line, and it allows for businesses to save on costs.

Telkom Business Chief Commercial Officer Dumisani Bengu says, “As many SMEs embark on their digital transformation journey, VoIP will play a crucial role in how they communicate for the foreseeable future, especially in the era of remote and hybrid working.”

“As Voice IP is not governed by a geographical location and allows businesses to operate from anywhere through their mobile phones, it enables scalability and flexibility.”

Telkom Business is focused on finding voice solutions that enable SMEs to not only become digital first but meet the numerous challenges they face. Some of these solutions include:

Virtual Number

Launched in 2016, it is an alternative solution to conventional fixed lines, and being a cable-free telephone service, it is a geographic number in the ‘cloud’ for incoming calls.

With quick activation and no installation, it enables 20 mobile or landline numbers to be linked to a businesses’ mobile phone.

This offers businesses the credibility of a fixed number, with the mobility and flexibility to expand as the business grows and is a cost-effective voice solution at only R99pm.

Unlimited Voice

This offering was developed to provide businesses with an unlimited calling solution at an affordable price, reducing costs without reducing calls.

With high-quality, fast and reliable connectivity, small and medium businesses can choose from the Unlimited Voice VoIP or Unlimited Voice Fibre calling plans, with flexible contracts from only R199 month-to-month.

Cloud-based Switchboards

The latest voice solution from Telkom Business, that allows businesses to meet their remote and evolving communication needs, by keeping business teams connected and collaborating seamlessly across multiple locations.

With an intuitive interface that looks and acts the same on any device, businesses can improve both the customer and employee experience.

Build a cloud service model that is best suited to your business, with PABX Cloud solutions from only R258 over 60 months.

“Voice as a mode of communication will continue to thrive, and our goal is to encourage businesses to explore our bouquet of voice solutions, that enable them to get connected and productive,” Bengu says.

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Telkom Business offers scalable voice solutions for small and medium businesses