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Easy online access to innovative prepaid private healthcare

Affordability and access to private healthcare, two of the greatest obstacles facing those looking to experience the full benefits of private healthcare.

Now, an innovative range of products designed to help address these very issues is bringing world-class medical services within the reach of many South Africans.

“The rapid growth of ecommerce and the popular trend towards online shopping has highlighted the value of convenience, and the power of simple technology to fundamentally add to the consumer’s experience,” says Teshlin Akaloo, managing director of NetcarePlus.

“When it comes to healthcare, we’ve recognised the potential for applying similar principles to enhance access to private healthcare, while also reducing the pressure of payment at the time of an illness or an accident event.”

NetcarePlus, a division within the Netcare Group, introduced innovative products to enable employers and individuals to purchase healthcare and insurance services as and when required, either for themselves or someone else.

These products can either serve as standalone options for those who are uninsured or as a practical add-on for people with existing cover.

The prepaid healthcare vouchers for GP and Optometry consultations are reasonably priced and allow for treatment via the NetcarePlus trusted network.

Buying a prepaid voucher is as quick and convenient as any online purchase, and is easy to use.

Once a voucher has been purchased, the person will receive an SMS with a unique code that needs to be presented when the consultation is either booked or takes place.

The vouchers can be kept for up to three years.

“For people who wish to gift a doctor or optometrist’s appointment to someone else, it is as simple as forwarding the SMS containing this code on to them. This means you can pay in advance for a consultation for someone else, even if they are on the other side of the country,” he says.

Virtual GP appointments can be done via video using your phone or computer, with no need to download an app.

The system is designed to protect patient privacy and confidential information, and there is a telephonic dial-in function for those who do not have internet connectivity.

Also available from NetcarePlus is the NetcarePlus Accident and Trauma Cover underwritten by Hollard that provides a range of private healthcare services when they are most needed.

This includes Netcare 911 transportation to a contracted private hospital and access to unlimited in-hospital treatment for up to 90 days for medical care related to the accident or trauma event.

All associated medical services, including pathology and radiology, and 24-hour trauma counselling services are covered.

The cover also includes daily payments if the person needs to be hospitalised for two days or more for any non-medical expenses.

Our competitively priced products can be simply purchased here.

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Easy online access to innovative prepaid private healthcare