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Oracle Cloud ERP virtual summit: Outpace change with continuous innovation

 ·10 Nov 2021

Join business leaders and author Peter Hinssen, and find out how continuous innovation can help you reinvent your business in a state of ‘never normal’.

The upheaval of the last 18 months has accelerated the future of business, setting new challenges, and altering business priorities.

Health and safety concerns have dictated how we now work and interact with customers; the ability to work from anywhere has changed the labour market; a clear focus on revenue-generating initiatives has cut non-essential costs to conserve cash; and supply chain disruptions are daily news.

This year we are adjusting to the realization that while we may not know what the next normal will be – business as usual is a thing of the past and we need to get comfortable in a state of ‘never normal’.

And those organizations that can pivot quickly to changing business conditions will outcompete others.

Every 90 days, Oracle delivers new, cutting-edge technology to customers of Oracle Cloud ERP. These quarterly updates mean you never have to worry about outdated technology holding back your business.

Instead, this continuous innovation delivers new capabilities and agility —so you can better predict, detect, and react to any situation that comes your way.

Join industry experts and author Peter Hinssen to hear how you can reshape your organization and enable speed and agility with help of continuous innovation and with learnings from the unicorns of this world.

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