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Anti-Data Exfiltration (ADX) is the new standard in cybersecurity – What is it?

Data exfiltration, data loss or data theft is essentially the removal of information or data from a device.

It becomes a security breach when data is copied, transferred, or retrieved from a computer or server without authorisation. While data exfiltration can be achieved using various techniques, it’s most commonly performed by cyber criminals over the Internet or a network.

These attacks are typically targeted, with the primary intent being to gain access to a network or machine to locate and copy specific data, and in many cases extort the victim for a ransom.

Unauthorized exfiltration can be difficult to detect as it involves the transfer or moving of data within and outside a company’s network, often closely resembling typical network traffic which can allow for substantial data loss incidents to fly under the radar until it’s too late.

Once your company’s most valuable data is in the hands of hackers, the damages can be unfathomable.

Data exfiltration is a significant concern as cybercriminals increasingly focus on extortion, holding an organisation to ransom in exchange for payment, and in many cases, sharing the stolen the data on the Dark Web which can lead to costly data breaches.

Yet despite organisations having a complex set of cybersecurity tools in place, preventing data exfiltration remains a significant challenge.

In fact, recent research shows that 80% of organisations have up to 10 cybersecurity tools and 62% of them have no confidence that their current solutions can prevent it.

This research, combined with the increased frequency in cyberattacks and the fact that over 80% of ransomware attacks now exfiltrate data, validates the need for a new approach to cybersecurity protection.

The question is, what is the new approach and what can organisations do to prevent data exfiltration?

ADX, or Anti Data Exfiltration provides a new approach for preventing cyberattacks and  keeping sensitive data secure.

ADX controls the way information flows through networks and offers the most direct way of protecting personal information, securing intellectual property, and disrupting the attack chains used in cyberattacks.

The consensus across the world is that attempts at cybercrime are not going away.

Cybercriminals are perfecting a range of attack methods that steal data, wage cyber warfare, and disrupt critical operations at victim organizations.

Embracing effective strategies to stop data exfiltration attempts and break the cyberattack chain are increasingly important for organizations.

Products in the new ADX category of cybersecurity solutions offer a reimagining of how to prevent data exfiltration in a world where the stakes are higher, more costly, and increasingly deadly.

To learn more about ADX Solutions developed by global cybersecurity company BlackFog who pioneered ADX technology, proudly distributed by Mustek Limited, complete the form below or contact Mustek on:

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Anti-Data Exfiltration (ADX) is the new standard in cybersecurity – What is it?