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Mac makes business sense

 ·27 Jan 2022

With employees back at work following a well-earned break, businesses are looking at ways to increase the productivity of their teams to harness the growth opportunities in the market.

Driving this is the need to use the latest technology given how digitally-driven the market has become.

This is where Mac presents a compelling alternative to traditional computers at a competitive price.

“Featuring the powerful new Apple M1 chip, Mac brings with it blazing-fast processing and incredible power efficiency to deliver breakthrough performance for the entire team.”

“For instance, the MacBook Air is three and a half times faster than previous generations.”

“And featuring a jaw-dropping battery life of up to 18 hours, the MacBook Air can outlast even the toughest of loadshedding periods giving business owners the confidence that their company will remain operational,” says Robert Kroger at iStore Business.

Given the constant pressure to remain compliant with strict regulatory requirements, Mac has security built right in.

Features like hardware-verified secure boot, on-the-fly encryption, and Touch ID are just some of the ways that Mac takes care of your security letting you focus on delivering the goods on the business front.

“These and many other features combine to create an environment in which it is a pleasure for employees to work.”

“Giving them devices that they love and empowering them to work efficiently, means business owners will have a more productive workforce. In turn, this creates opportunities to improve the customer experience and boost growth,” adds Robert.

Getting a rental deal from iStore Business brings about a significant saving for your business’ budget.

There is no cash outlay required upfront and VAT is tax deductible over the full term of the rental.

Employees always have access to the latest technology when you trade-in their current work laptop and upgrade to the latest Mac model.

Forget about sweating the asset or managing depreciation, the iStore Business rental options have your back.

“There are several rental deals, finance options, and even cellular packages available through iStore Business.”

“Our business specialists are available in guiding business owners in finding the ideal solution that is tailored for their unique requirements,” adds Robert.

Beyond the cash-savings upfront, iStore Business is also providing iCare and 90-Day Business Tech Support.

This means that your Mac is always taken care of with an extended warranty that covers the product for 24 months and you have access to specialised support, tailored to your business’s needs.

To view the latest rental deals and begin your migration to the Mac, visit iStore Business Rental today.

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