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iKhokha appoints Ex-Multichoice Head as Chief Growth Officer

Mobile payment provider iKhokha recently announced the appointment of Graeme Cumming as Chief Growth Officer.

The former Head of Product at Multichoice, Cumming was integral in launching Africa’s most prolific streaming services.

Having managed the build, launch and growth of DStv Now, Box Office and Showmax across Africa, the digital pioneer is now bringing his wealth of experience to the fintech space.

“I was looking for a new challenge. I’ve spent a large part of my career working in the digital space to bring meaningful products and services to the end consumer.”

“Fintechs have been around for a couple of years now, but it’s in an exciting industry that is just about to really open up and get interesting,” says Cumming.

After leading product teams both locally and internationally, he’s now focusing on aiding iKhokha on their rapid growth trajectory. It’s a challenge that is an excellent fit for Cumming, personally and professionally.

“My passion is identifying opportunities in emerging markets, working on solutions for these markets and then launching new products or solutions that have the potential to really take off,” he says.

The iKhokha culture was also a key draw card. As an avid digital innovator, Cumming is looking forward to exploring with the next generation of digital go-getters.

“iKhokha is young, dynamic and vibrant. It’s a new-age digital company that lives and breathes remote working, digital toolsets, collaborative ways of working and a diversity of opinions, all of which are really appealing from a cultural fit perspective,” he says.

Cumming hopes to bring his experience in the digital realm to the iKhokha team as the company continues to scale its payment solutions and build out an ecosystem of services for consumers and merchants.

Having seen over the horizon, Cumming knows first-hand the possibilities technology can unlock in people’s lives.

“I think there’s still so much more to we can do for South African SMEs by using technology to solve real-world problems,” says Cumming.

As iKhokha continues to grow, there’s an opportunity for more digital professionals to join their mission to enable small businesses.

“A lot of people look for purpose in their work,” he says. “I think iKhokha is perfectly positioned to bring real meaning and purpose to people’s lives and businesses.”

iKhokha is hiring. View all open positions on iKhokha’s careers page.

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iKhokha appoints Ex-Multichoice Head as Chief Growth Officer