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Google Meet hardware now officially supported in South Africa

 ·1 Feb 2022

Google Cloud enablement partner Digicloud Africa has announced that Google Meet hardware and licences are now officially supported in South Africa, addressing growing local demand for an elevated hybrid workforce video conferencing experience.

Nick Treurnicht, Google Certified Professional Collaboration Engineer & Google Workspace Deployment Specialist at Digicloud Africa, reports that the remote work wave has driven increased dependence on video conferencing among South African businesses.

“As organisations start moving employees back to the office while allowing other employees to work remotely (thus implementing a hybrid work mode), businesses are looking to achieve an elevated level of video conferencing convenience, whether they are at home or in boardrooms,” he says.

Google Meet hardware brings top quality video conferencing into boardrooms across geographic regions, with integrated solutions for easy scheduling, screen sharing, meeting moderation and reporting.

Importantly, Google Meet is one of the simplest solutions to join or host a video conference, making the VC solution more about the actual meeting rather than trying to connect to it.

Treurnicht says that one of the key advantages of making Google Meet the go-to solution is the fact that no software installation is needed. Another is that Google Meet is secure by design, encrypting all audio and video data.

Google Meet offers powerful moderation control, centralised management and room analysis, and safe recordings to the cloud.

With Google speech recognition technology enabling live closed captions and translations, intelligent noise cancellation and AI-enabled light adjustment, Google Meet improves the entire video conference experience.

Google Meet hardware includes speakers, tablets, cameras and microphones designed to integrate seamlessly with the software.

Logitech’s bundles for small, medium and large rooms include the Rally Bar Mini, Rally or Rally Plus all-in-one video bars; Logitech Tap tablet; Meet Compute System and mic pods.

Bundles from ASUS include the Google Meet compute system, speakermic, camera, and controller.

Treurnicht notes that Google Meet hardware not only enables a lifelike face-to-face meeting experience wherever participants are, it also eliminates the delays involved in old-school boardroom technology.

It removes the issue of participants having to plug cables into their laptops to share their screens. Now they simply join the conference and share their screen via Google Meet.

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