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The Huawei Connect Education Summit South Africa was in full swing at the Huawei Office Park.

The “Dive into Digital” summit aims to explore how the use of Artificial Intelligence, 5G, and the Huawei Cloud can help South Africa be an equal player in the world as it moves towards the fourth industrial revolution.

Through digital transformation, Huawei aims to bring digital to every person, home and organization for a fully connected and integrated world.

This specific section of the summit looked at how Huawei products and solutions can be used in the classroom, whether physical or virtual, to make education on all levels more efficient.

The COVID-19 pandemic, as terrible and tragic as it was, came with a silver lining.

When students were forced into remote learning, the need for innovation and out of the box…or classroom, thinking was necessary.

Suddenly, tall buildings and huge data centers were rendered useless and we had to look to technology to continue learning.

This spurred Huawei’s Key Account Manager, Ms. Amber Cookes into action with a survey to find out what some of the challenges presented by traditional learning are and how Huawei Smart Education can solve them.

The first issue students faced was that they do not all have the same learning style, which means in-person lectures with the teacher standing in the front teaching were only helpful to some.

Through Smart Education, learners have access to all the course and class material which they can learn in their own way in their own time.

This is also a saving grace for teachers who can now simply look at the students’ assessment results and see where they need to do more help to help them understand.

Smart Education relies on high-speed 5G internet to power the Huawei Cloud where all the data and app information is stored.

According to Ms. Cookes, the Huawei Cloud has two POP sites in Johannesburg ensuring that in the unlikely event that one of them goes down, the other can pick up its slack, ensuring uninterrupted learning.

Later, Senior Cloud Collaboration Expert at Huawei, Mr. James Kamau Maina showed attendees exactly how the high-tech Huawei Idea Hub works.

Learners can write on it as they do a blackboard and they do not have to worry about losing the notes when the board is cleaned because the notes can simply be emailed to the students after the class.

The screens are designed to retain their high resolution and true colours regardless of the light intensity in the room.

This means that the students will not be affected by the glare reflecting on or blue light emitted from the screen.

They will also see any diagrams in their exact colour which is perfect for science or medical students.

This innovation was put to the test at the Anton Lambede Math’s, Science and Technology academy where the future custodians of science are honed using top of the range innovative products that allow the school to adapt to any situation.

During the various lockdowns, for instance, learning could continue as the school is well equipped to provide online learning.

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By Sphumelele Ndlovu

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Accelerate the digital journey of education, new value together