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 ·20 Apr 2022

Leading cutting tools specialist AM.CO.ZA has launched its new range, starting with a variety of CNC router bits.

AM.CO.ZA offers router bits for cutting multiple materials, including plastics, softwoods, and hardwood boards. Additionally, it can provide you with various CNC router machines.

“We have introduced this range of bits to ensure that our customers are always able to obtain the bits they need,” said Managing Director and Founder of AM.CO.ZA, Eric Yin.

“We will be evaluating the needs for a broader range of bits, and based on the demand from our customers, we will expand the range with the addition of bits for aluminium, di-bond, polycarbonate, and other various materials.”

Router bits

AM.CO.ZA’s CNC router bits are made of hardened tungsten carbide, which ensures they stay sharp for longer and greatly reduces the risk of them breaking.

This, in turn, decreases costs, increases productivity and lowers the risk of factory floor injuries.

AM.CO.ZA offers six standard bits that meet the needs of most users and are suitable for commonly-used materials, including:

  • Plastics and acrylics (such as ABS acrylic, Perspex, Plexiglas, and HDPE)
  • Softwoods and composites (such as Medium Density Fibreboard and SupaWood)
  • Hardwood and laminates (such as plywood and hardboard).

Its straight flute bits are used primarily for wood, while its spiral cut flutes, which are available with single, double, and triple flutes, are generally more suited to plastics and softer woods.

Straight cut flutes

Spiral cut flutes

There are also many variations of each type of bit. For example, the EG1 can be ordered with the following range of measurements:

  • Stepdown thickness: 1 – 50mm
  • Cutting diameter: 1 – 6mm
  • Shank diameter: 3 – 6mm
  • Cutting length: 3 – 52mm
  • Shank length: 20 – 35mm
  • Overall length: 38 – 80mm

AM.CO.ZA’s tooling products have been curated, sourced, and tested with AM.CO.ZA’s EasyRoute CNC System in mind, but its router bits can be used on most reputable CNC routers.

You can order your router bits online through the Buythis store with free shipping, or directly from an AM.CO.ZA branch.

Click here to learn more about AM.CO.ZA’s router bits.

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