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How Euphoria’s hosted PABX for the automotive industry drives service and sales

Despite rising inflation and trying economic conditions, the South African automotive industry remains the largest manufacturing sector in the country, and still contributed 4,9% to South Africa’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product) in 2020.

From vehicle manufacturing to retail, the broader automotive industry is an economic powerhouse that is driven by high service standards and end-to-end communication with multiple stakeholders.

Euphoria Telecoms’ hosted PBX is a scalable telephony solution that can be tailored to fit any automotive business, regardless of size or sector.

And Euphoria ensures that reliable support is always on-hand.

Powered by a combination of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and cloud computing, Euphoria’s cloud-hosted PABX system delivers the ultimate communication package – for call or service centres, businesses with multiple sites and everything in between.

In today’s digitally powered world, flexible communication features on enterprise-grade business phone systems are indispensable.

For many businesses, the ability to work from anywhere has become non-negotiable. And additional smart features like automatic call routing, cost analysis and call recording are equally valuable.

Euphoria Telecom provides a basket of customisable features that can be tailor-made to suit automotive service centres, manufacturers, retailers or suppliers, with packages to accommodate anything from three to 1000+ extensions.

Kit out your call centre – from sales to support

For any consumer, buying a car is an important decision that requires careful consideration and access to well-informed, helpful call centre agents that can help close the deal.

Euphoria’s call centre functionality streamlines the process through smart call routing, self-help options, call recording and quality assurance tools that help managers ensure the right level of service is maintained.

Following the purchase, the call centre becomes a hub for after-sales service, lead management, payment queries or follow-ups and courtesy calls.

Integrated call centre software helps dealers manage customer data, keep prospects or existing customers up to date about any upcoming promotions, and even set automated payment reminders across multiple channels – including calls, SMS or email.

In automotive manufacturing, call centre requirements are not quite the same as they are in retail.

But Euphoria’s selection of customisable features can be made to order.

Migrating to Euphoria’s cloud-based PBX service facilitates fast, secure and stable network access, with free inter-branch calling and affordable per-minute billing on local and international calls, with post-paid and prepaid options available.

Cost reporting and tracking also ensure that budgets can be monitored and managed.

Mobile devices and laptops can be easily integrated into the system via a mobile app, which allows employees to work from anywhere, and extension permission management can be handled remotely.

Managers can also access scheduled reports and team management tools.

Communication with drive

“In the competitive automotive industry, you don’t ever want to miss a customer call and need the best possible service tools to maintain customer satisfaction and after sales support ,” says Euphoria Telecom CEO John Woollam.

Woollam continues, “Effective queuing systems and automated options ensure your customers never have to wait, and integrated CRM tools enable your agents to be more effective and responsive.”

“Reporting and analytics features also mean you can stay on top of call centre performance all the time.”

When you take your automotive business’s telephony into the cloud with Euphoria’s business phone solution, there are over 200 integrated features to choose from.

So, whether you run a dealership, a parts business, a repair centre, a manufacturing company or anything else, you’ll find a custom package that’s just right for you.

And when you sign up, there is no long-term subscription required.

Contact Euphoria on 087 094 5999 to find out more about a cloud-hosted PABX system for your automotive business now, or find out more on

Top Euphoria Telecom features for automotive businesses

  • Compliant call recording (needed for the Protection of Personal Information Act)
  • Queues and queue analytics – to ensure your business never misses an important customer call and check how your queues are performing by department or product line
  • Surveys – to help ensure your customers are getting the service you want them to by asking them for feedback on their engagements
  • CRM integration – have a single view of your customers through Euphoria’s integrations with your CRM system

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How Euphoria’s hosted PABX for the automotive industry drives service and sales