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Analytico releases 2022 South African Broadband and ISP Brand Report

 ·29 Jun 2022

Analytico has released its 2022 South African Broadband and ISP Brand Report, providing insights into South Africa’s fibre, ISP, and mobile data markets.

South Africa’s broadband market is showing strong growth, with fixed and mobile data revenue approaching R100 billion.

According to ICASA’s 2022 State of the ICT Sector Report, fixed Internet and data revenue in South Africa was R23.5 billion in 2021, while mobile data revenue was R53.1 billion.

Even with the growth in broadband adoption, capturing a significant slice of broadband revenue is difficult.

Analytico’s 2022 South African Broadband and ISP Brand Report helps telecoms companies with their strategy by providing valuable insights into what consumers think.

It shows which mobile operators (MNOs), Internet service providers (ISPs), and fibre network operators (FNOs) have the strongest brands and are best positioned for growth.

It also provides insights into where there are opportunities to capture market share from competitors.

Consumers are split by technical knowledge and location, revealing important trends that companies can use to their advantage in their marketing.

Analytico’s reports are short and visual, making the content easy to consume and provide valuable insights in minutes.

The Analytico broadband portal provides deeper insights with data for a large number of ISPs, mobile operators, and fibre network operators.

For more information about the report, visit the Analytico portal.

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