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Embracing the digital evolution: Growing your business online

 ·17 Aug 2022

Traditional, everyday practices have quickly changed as a result of the evolution of the internet. Up to 86% of customers use Google to research products before making a purchase.

In order to accomplish extraordinary growth targets and overall success in the current online environment, business owners should not only have a digital presence on the top search engine in the world but also a sound marketing strategy with the assistance of the ideal agency partner.

Katherine Madley, Vice President of Marketing at Game, says “As a retailer it’s so important for your product to be in view of the customer at all times.”

“The service we get from iLEAD et al helps us on our journey to become a true omnichannel retailer, by being present wherever our customers are searching, and shopping.”

When it comes to promoting and expanding your business, iLEAD et al is a chosen Google Premier Partner firm that specialises in all things Google, including YouTube and app campaigns to Google Search and Shopping.

Their extensive digital offerings include supporting services like SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) to help brands grow organically online.

Their copy department’s extensive team of digital copywriters situated all over the world offer a distinctive viewpoint on any subject pertaining to businesses and their unique products and services.

Furthermore, their in-house editors have over 30 years of expertise and have been published in a variety of fields.

In its 16 years of existence, iLEAD et al have effectively grown several businesses of various sizes and industries thanks to their practical, extensive experience in online marketing.

They have established themselves as one of the top Google Premier partners in South Africa and are in the top 3% of Google agencies in the EMEA region recognised for being results- and performance-driven.

“iLEAD et al have informed the MobiWorkX digital strategy for over 4 years and we utilise an array of their services i.e., Google Ads, SEO, Website and content design, and copywriting.”

“They understand our business requirements and consistently deliver high-volume, high-quality acquisitions.” Says Candice Scott-dos Santos, Associate Director:  Global Member Services, Profiles Division of MobiWorkx.

Click here to learn more about iLEAD et al’s various offerings.

What does a Premier Partnership status entail?

This exclusive status grants selected agencies access to unparalleled insights, training, and support from Google with a dedicated team of product experts at their disposal.

Additionally, it’s a means to always be the first to know about new Google products, features and updates to actively adapt client campaigns accordingly.

They can also whitelist their clients for the special opportunity to test these new features before they are made available to the general public, thanks to their access to beta testing of these features.

iLEAD et al prioritise data and analytics in everything they do. As a performance-driven agency, they constantly strive to demonstrate a positive ROI while keeping their clients’ KPIs in mind.

They aim to operate as an extension of their internal marketing and sales team, collaborating with brands for ongoing success, and actively seeking out enhanced performance with the goal of favourably influencing their clients’ bottom line.

Client satisfaction is non-negotiable, and this is proudly showcased in over 200 positive client reviews. Click here to see how their clients rate their experiences.

Not only does iLEAD et al specialise in Google advertising tools, but they also provide a range of other digital tools through established partnerships with additional digital services.

This involves, among other things, marketing automation, lead management, direct marketing, and location management and optimisation for businesses wanting to increase foot traffic to their establishments.

Through these collaborations, they have successfully built an ecosystem of specialised services to propel businesses toward online success.

If you want to work with one of the top Google agencies and want to focus on helping your company succeed online, get in touch with iLEAD et al at [email protected].

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