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CURA partners with Afriwise to help companies doing business in Africa, manage compliance risk

 ·26 Sep 2022

CURA has partnered with Afriwise to help businesses mitigate regulatory compliance risk and conduct their business processes with confidence.

This partnership is crucial, as Africa is full of opportunities for business growth – yet regulatory requirements and access to legal information present an obstacle for many companies.

In many cases, the process of gaining access to such information is not straight forward or cost effective.

Businesses also face the risk of non-compliance which could result in costly fines and can often deter companies from operating across Africa.

CURA’s powerful compliance technology will now combine with Afriwise’s local legal know-how to help businesses navigate these regulatory challenges quickly and easily.

Key benefits

The partnership between CURA and Afriwise allows both parties to leverage each other’s strengths to offer a feature-rich, comprehensive compliance tool.

The key features that will be available to businesses include:

  • A 360-degree view on legal governance, risk, and compliance.
  • Capability to manage compliance requirements across Africa
  • Fully-maintained, up-to-date legal and regulatory content.
  • Integration of the latest developments into existing workflows and processes.
  • Integration of legal libraries and conversion of laws, rules, and standards into actionable tasks.
  • Reduction of external legal spend by leveraging a pre-built knowledge base of legal content and compliance data.

CURA’s compliance risk management tool offers a single solution through a seamless API integration, with access to Afriwise’s legal and regulatory content within your existing CURA solution.

This allows you to monitor developments in key laws, regulations, and bills across African countries effortlessly, and you will automatically be alerted to changes so you can proactively manage your legal compliance.

CURA and Afriwise’s compliance solution also makes these laws available in understandable language to ensure you maintain complete organisational compliance while using fewer resources.

This reduces the need for an outsourced legal team, which lowers your costs and allows your compliance officer to focus on more complex tasks.

About Afriwise

Afriwise is the most comprehensive online legal information platform in Africa.

Its innovative solution has won multiple awards, including the 2021 AGF Service Providers Awards, and has been internationally recognised for breaking new ground in the delivery of legal services in Africa.

It provides African businesses with access to domestic legislation and bills, legal monitoring, in-depth practical guidance, and legal-sourcing solutions – all on a single, innovative platform.

About CURA

CURA is a leading developer of Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) and risk-based audit software.

Over 350 enterprises worldwide rely on its powerful solutions to get a clear picture of their organisation’s risks, leading to better management, decision-making, and business performance.

To experience the benefits of CURA and Afriwise’s partnership, you can request a demo from one of CURA’s subject matter experts – click here to learn more about CURA and Afriwise’s compliance tool.

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