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Start-Up Visa – Canada Wants Entrepreneurs

 ·2 Feb 2023

With Canada recently announcing it will add 1.5 million new permanent residence to the population by the end of 2025, it is no surprise that there has been a surge of applications for entry into Canada.

With age being a factor in Canada’s points-based immigration system, the only option to move to Canada for older applicants is through business immigration or investing in the Canadian economy.

The Government of Canada realized that economic growth does not only come from mass industrial-sized capital investment.

In the new digital economy, accelerated economic growth can also come from entrepreneurs and their innovative solutions that have the potential disrupt a market or establish a new way of doing things.

This is why Canada created the Start-Up Visa program. As the federal government’s flagship business visa program, the Start-Up Visa is designed to attract immigrant entrepreneurs who have the experience and skills to build a new business in Canada that:

– Is innovative with the potential to grow.

– Can create jobs for Canadians.

– Has the ability to compete on a global scale.

Video – to learn more about the program’s eligibility requirements.

Since the end of 2021 there has been a 30% increase in the number of South African-based companies applying to the Start-Up Visa program.

Apart from the 90% success rate enjoyed by South African applicants, the program has several unique advantages.

  1. No minimum investment is required.

Unlike almost every business investor program in the world, the Start-Up Visa does not have a minimum invest amount.

While it is recommended that applicants commit to a budget for the new start-up company, the government is more interested in the potential of the company as opposed to capital investment.

  1. No Performance guarantee.

Other countries typically require business investors to first enter their country on a temporary basis to start their business. Only after the investor can show profitability will they be allowed to apply for citizenship.

However, the Start-Up Visa program allows you to apply for immediate permanent residency before you enter Canada – whether the start-up succeeds or fails.

  1. Work with a Canadian business incubator.

One of the eligibility requirements of the program is to receive a letter of support from a Canadian business incubator.

The Government of Canada has authorized various Designated Organizations to welcome innovators to Canada to help the new business accelerate their growth in Canada.

Business owners can enter Canada and enjoy the support of an experienced organization to ensure they are on the right track to success.

  1. Up to five partners can apply together.

One unique advantage of Canada’s Start-Up Visa program is it allows business partners or founders of a new start-up company to apply on one visa so they can move to Canada all at once.

This is especially beneficial for family-owned businesses or for a group of young innovators who want to keep their management structure in place.

If you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a successful business owner who has a desire to start a new life in Canada with your family, contact Beaver Immigration Consulting today.

As South Africa’s only licensed Canadian immigration firm, Beaver Immigration has a track record of helping businesses enter Canada through the Start-Up Visa program.

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