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Aunyana Moloisane on his new challenge at Optimi Workplace and his Optimi Classroom legacy

 ·20 Feb 2023

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

This is a quote that the Managing Director of Optimi Classroom, Aunyana Moloisane, lives by.

It’s a quote that has not only shaped his career, but all aspects of his life, and it is evident in the passion he has showed for the education industry.

Moloisane started at Optimi as the Chief Business Development Office in November 2018, and by July 2021, he was appointed the Managing Director of Optimi Classroom, a space that is very close to his heart.

“I firmly believe that one can make the greatest impact during the foundation phase of learning because the major changes happen at a grassroots level,” Moloisane said.

“You can still mould and develop young minds at that level. But it is worrying that 82% of fourth graders cannot read with meaning while over 30% of second graders don’t know all the alphabet letters.”

A lot still needs to be done. This is why Optimi Classroom aims to provide schools and higher learning institutions with accessible quality teaching and learning solutions, and not just tick boxes.

However, opportunity came knocking within the Optimi Group and Moloisane will soon be taking over the reigns from Jackie Carroll at Optimi Workplace.

Due to his work ethic, passion for education and immense love for what he does, Moloisane will be wearing two hats for the next few months, until the new MD at Classroom is appointed.

This will give him a chance to fully transition into his new role while also fast-tracking the objectives set out for Classroom and ensuring the incoming MD continues to build on the vision created.

“As much as I want to do more in the Classroom space and have a greater impact on the children, I am excited for the new role at Workplace,” he says excitedly.

“We must find ways to help the current workforce achieve greater heights.

South Africa is alive with endless possibilities and once we look beyond just survival, we will realise the gold mine we are sitting on and slowly decrease the high number of unemployed youths by creating meaningful learnership and internship opportunities, but also, put people in a position to start their own businesses.”

A strong focus on entrepreneurship has reached the highest office in the land, with President Cyril Ramaphosa specifically mentioning it during his State of the Nation Address on 09 February 2023.

“This year, we will finalise amendments to the Businesses Act to reduce regulatory impediments for SMMEs and co-operatives and make it easier for entrepreneurs to start businesses.

Through the Small Enterprise Finance Agency – SEFA – we plan to provide R1.4 billion in financing to over 90,000 entrepreneurs,” the President said.

“My vision for Workplace is that we change the mindset of people to not merely become workers, but to become entrepreneurs and create their own jobs and industries,” Moloisane added.

“We must create the economy we want and take advantage of the gap in the market within the digital space and other new frontiers, as tough as it may seem right now.

And through continuous learning, we can re-skill, entrench the entrepreneurial mindset and look towards sustainable skills of the future.”

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