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How MTN Business is enabling the future of mining with 5G

 ·6 Mar 2023

Kgosi Moagi, Head of ICT Solutions Sales at MTN Business, told BusinessTech that the company is investing heavily in revolutionising African mines through 5G, IoT, and digital transformation.

Moagi was speaking at the 2023 Mining Indaba, which took place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.

He highlighted the numerous use cases of 5G in mining and explained how the technology will transform the future of the industry.

He also unpacked MTN Business’s journey to becoming the first provider to implement 5G in a mine in South Africa.

“It started off via a discovery conversation we had where we were trying to understand what the mines are trying to achieve with their digital transformation strategies,” said Moagi. “And the most exciting thing is that all of this can be managed in real-time from a remote environment, such as a control centre, with end-to-end visibility across your mining operation.”

These conversations led to the signing of several Memorandums of Understandings (MoUs) with a prominent South African mine and ultimately created the platform for Proof of Concepts (POCs) to be conducted.

The development of these POCs were important, as this helped MTN Business gain a better understanding of the mine’s requirements and what it was trying to achieve, including its specific use cases and planned business outcomes.

MTN Business also helped the mine conceptualise and experience the benefits of the technologies MTN could provide before implementing them at scale.

“Our private 5G offering and its benefits – vastly superior speed, reduced latency, along with higher levels of reliability due to reduced network congestion – have enabled mines to start changing their operations for the better,” said Moagi.

“Private 5G offers Mines benefits such as remote monitoring, automation, real-time analysis, full operational visibility along with additional health and safety improvements.”

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“We have a mining vertical within the ICT practice with a skilled team that predominantly looks at how we can assist from a technology integration perspective,” said Moagi.

This specialised team will help to assess your business’s needs so you can experience the full benefits of 5G.

If you are interested in MTN Business’s 5G solutions – for mining or other industries – you can visit its website at the link below.

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