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Revolutionize your business finances with next-level payroll management solutions – Download the free ADP guide

 ·23 Mar 2023

Leading payroll company ADP has unveiled a cutting-edge whitepaper to help you optimize your payroll systems and future-proof your business operations.

For mid-sized companies, managing a large workforce can be a significant challenge, especially when it comes to payroll management.

Sub-par payroll management practices can lead to a plethora of issues that can negatively impact the workforce.

According to ADP’s People at Work 2022: A Global Workforce View research, nearly 25% of workers in mid-sized organizations are frequently underpaid, 23% receive their payment after the due date, and 20% are paid more than they should be.

To make matters worse, with the widespread adoption of hybrid working, traditional payroll management processes may no longer suffice.

It is imperative that companies re-evaluate their payroll management systems and processes.

By leveraging modern technology and innovative strategies, companies can significantly reduce errors and increase efficiency, ultimately driving employee satisfaction and boosting overall business success.

Prepare for payroll changes today – ADP’s free payroll guide

ADP’s payroll guide is a valuable resource for mid-sized companies seeking to enhance their payroll management processes.

The guide focuses on three core changes that are likely to impact organizations – major internal shifts, international expansion and ongoing changes in legislation.

For example, for the legislation section, the guide emphasizes the importance of:

  • Your payroll processes being geared for compliance.
  • Having the ability to leverage sophisticated reports and analyse data.
  • Your current outsourced payroll provider sharing timely and accurate information on upcoming legislative changes with you.

The payroll guide then goes onto emphasize the importance of addressing payroll challenges in a timely manner and offers strategies for future-proofing your organization.

Download the free ADP guide to learn more.

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