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Cradlepoint – Powerful IoT networks without the hassle

 ·29 May 2023

Cradlepoint’s industry-leading IoT platform and routers will connect and protect your IoT devices at scale.

Available to South African businesses from leading ICT distributor Axiz, Cradlepoint’s offerings can be deployed in the field, in buildings, or in embedded systems – all without burdening your IT team.

This is thanks to Cradlepoint’s comprehensive IoT offering being built on the NetCloud platform, which spans from the cloud to the mobile edge and makes deploying, managing, and evolving your IoT network simple.

NetCloud’s intuitive web console makes it easy to configure, monitor, visualise, control, and troubleshoot your IoT network from a single point of access.

This enables businesses to configure their routing, security, LTE, SD-WAN, and Wi-Fi functionality at the network level, rather than at the individual device level.

You can also choose to extend your NetCloud Essential Package with an upgrade that includes:

  • Advanced enterprise routing
  • Advanced VPN and tunnelling
  • Carrier, WAN, and LAN analytics
  • Remote LAN device management

Additionally, NetCloud’s API and OS SDK make extra cloud-managed extensibility accessible and simple for users.

IoT routers

NetCloud communicates seamlessly with your purpose-built, industry-leading Cradlepoint IoT routers that are available in three versions:

IBR200 Series – A compact, semi-ruggedised 4G LTE router that presents an affordable option without sacrificing security.

IBR600C Series – A semi-ruggedised 4G LTE router that is ideal for standalone and embedded deployments.

IBR900 Series – A compact ruggedised 4G LTE router for advanced IoT connectivity.

R920 Series – A versatile, ruggedised LTE router for advanced in-vehicle and IoT connectivity.

R2100 Series – 5G router for vehicles and IoT.

The IBR600C and IBR900 series routers both offer extra redundancy, too, thanks to dual SIM slots and SIM-based Auto-Carrier Selection.

They can also be used with a Cradlepoint COR extensibility dock for the following extra features:

  • A second, modular 4G LTE modem.
  • Two Ethernet ports.
  • Programmable, general-purpose input/output ports.
  • Redundant power supply.

NetCloud Packages

Businesses that are new to the Cradlepoint IoT ecosystem can take advantage of its NetCloud Packages, which provide all the essential NetCloud features, devices, and support you need to build your core IoT network.

These cloud-based services come with flexible 3-year or 5-year terms, and include the following NetCloud essentials:

  • Cloud Management – Centrally manage your IoT devices from anywhere.
  • Orchestration – One click to build a VPN. No IT professional required.
  • IoT Router – Full-featured router with integrated 4G LTE.
  • Edge Computing – Build custom applications and deploy them network-wide from the cloud.
  • SD-Perimeter – Create an overlay network that isolates and cloaks IoT data.

NetCloud Packages are easily expandable and serve as the ultimate IoT starter kit for businesses.

Work with Axiz

Axiz is a leading South African ICT distributor and has partnered with Cradlepoint to bring its industry-leading IoT solutions to local resellers.

These resellers will receive full support across sales, marketing, leads, technical support, and finance – and Axiz even provides the staging, configuration, and support services for Cradlepoint’s routers and IoT connectivity solutions.

Contact Axiz today to learn more.

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