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A single platform to build apps for web, Android, iOS, wearables and kiosks

 ·31 May 2023

mySolutions provides Volt MX which is an industry-leading multiexperience low-code platform that provides a unified development environment for professional and citizen developers to collaborate and build engaging experiences.

Volt MX is the industry’s first platform to provide persona-specific, high-fidelity developer experiences – for both no-code and low-code – on one platform with no hidden costs.

Volt MX makes it possible to:

  • Enable any organisation to tackle their application development backlog and solve problems at the speed their business demands.
  • Empower citizen developers with confidence, without compromising IT standards and best practices.
  • Upscale and enhance citizen-developed apps in minutes without rewrites.

Join us on the 21st of June 2023 at the Indaba Hotel to learn how Volt MX creates mobile and multiexperience apps, improves operational efficiencies, and automates business-critical processes.

Empower All Your Workforce

Volt MX supports no-code, low-code, and pro-code development on one platform. Citizen and professional developers can work autonomously, while also collaborating on a single platform to create apps and digitise processes faster.

  • The Right Tools for the Right Team
    Volt MX provides dedicated development experiences tailored for both citizen and professional developers, reducing learning curves and increasing adoption.

  • IT Governance at the Core of All App Development
    Empower citizen developers with confidence. With IT in control, Volt MX provides a secure, governed environment that prevents data exposure and other risks, ensuring security and compliance.

  • Seamless Collaboration Between IT and Business
    Professional developers can easily enhance citizen-developed apps with the use of JavaScript, HTML and CSS, or extend apps with complex functionalities and connectivity needs – all without rewrite or technical debt at the start of the project.

Become a Multiexperience Digital Innovator

With Volt MX, you are at the forefront of native multiexperience innovation to build indispensable, competitive solutions.

  • Engaging Experiences Wherever Your Users Live Digitally
    From PWAs to native mobile apps, reach your users on any device, wearables, desktops, and kiosks – all on a single code base. Native-built apps harness the full device capabilities resulting in richer app experiences. There are no user experience limits at any scale or complexity.
  • Using AR/VR, Beacons, NLP, Chatbots is Easy
    Development teams don’t have to be experts in every upcoming technology. Volt MX supports the latest innovations such as conversational apps, wearables, AR/VR and more, all on a single platform, ensuring maximum user engagement and app stickiness.
  • Super App and Micro App Development Save Time
    Harness super and micro app innovation to create personalised, connected digital journeys for end users. Development teams can make solutions modular resulting in faster addition of new functionality, better use of resources, less interdependency, and ease of upgrades and maintenance.

Unlock Value Fast

Volt MX gives organisations the efficiency and agility to accelerate app delivery and modernise legacy applications without backend complexity, reducing time to market by more than 60%.

  • Integrate Without Limits
    Beyond just connectors, Volt MX provides robust middleware that simplifies backend integrations, authentication and eliminates maintenance costs by harnessing an open and extensible framework to integrate seamlessly with your existing IT investments.
  • Stay Secure in One Click
    Enable multi-layered security for the client application and backend services in a single click. Volt MX provides data and identity protection with enterprise-grade security certifications without additional third-party costs and development effort.
  • Modernise Applications Faster with Less Complexity
    Evolve, refresh, or replace existing apps with reduced time, complexity and cost by avoiding traditional development tools and disjointed off-the-shelf solutions. For example, we’ve helped modernise existing Domino apps 60% faster than competitor solutions.

Join us on the 21st of June 2023 at the Indaba Hotel to learn how Volt MX creates mobile and multiexperience apps, improves operational efficiencies, and automates business-critical processes.

From app modernisation to transforming customer experiences, Volt MX helps maximize resources, reduce complexity and cost, and deliver fast value so your business can stay ahead of the competition. For more information visit or contact us [email protected]

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