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Veritas Alta Industry-leading Cloud Data Management Platform

 ·1 Jun 2023

Take control of all your enterprise data and applications with the most comprehensive and secure cloud data management platform.

Veritas together with leading ICT distributors like Axiz have helped guide enterprise customers through every disruptive technology shift of the past 30 years.

Our integrated approach to data management and protection is proven to deliver unmatched versatility, performance, and cost-savings.

Veritas Alta

At its core, Veritas Alta is a cloud-based data management platform that allows organisations to control their data regardless of where it is stored in the cloud.

This is done through an intuitive cloud-based management console which integrates into the Veritas analytics engine to provide robust data protection, reliable application resiliency, and accurate visibility into your data.

These features are critical at a time when businesses are digitally transforming their infrastructure at a rapid pace.

For example: the IDC estimates that digital transformation investments will double between 2021 and 2026 in the META (Middle East, Turkey, and Africa) region.

This will comprise an estimated annual spending growth rate of 16% over the period and would result in spending in the region topping $74 billion in 2026.

Veritas research shows, that 53% of enterprises still only have “limited-to-some visibility” of their data across their multi-cloud environment.

Veritas Alta solves this challenge through its unrivalled data management tools that cover three key areas: data protection, application resiliency and data compliance.

Data Protection

Veritas Alta’s data protection services are delivered through a multi-layered security architecture that is flexible and cloud-native.

It combines automation, AI, and elasticity to deliver data protection outcomes that are cost-effective, resilient, and autonomous.

Veritas has built its offering around a Zero Trust posture to maximize the security of your important business data.

Application Resiliency

The application resiliency tools offered support all major cloud infrastructure – virtual, containerised, or bare metal – and deliver the agility necessary to respond to changing business needs and challenges at scale.

Veritas Alta safeguards your mission-critical services against unplanned downtime and guarantees that your applications will remain highly available across your multi-cloud environment.

The solution also facilitates the easy moving of your applications across public cloud, private cloud, and on-premise infrastructure.

Data Compliance

Veritas is the global leader in data capturing and content classification, and offers flexible deployment solutions across on-premises, IaaS, hybrid, virtual, and SaaS infrastructure.

Through expert-trained systems and AI, Veritas Alta Classification empowers organizations to make intelligent decisions regarding compliance risks and data security.

Key features include automated content classification, easy legal data discovery, dark data elimination, and data footprint optimisation.

About Axiz

Axiz is a leading African ICT distributor that has extensive expertise in Veritas Alta.

It has over 30 years of industry experience and is well-suited to helping your company with its data management and data protection needs.

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