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The power of our people

 ·13 Jun 2023

Anne Aliker, as the Head of Client Coverage at Standard Bank, is responsible for leading a team of professionals who are passionate about the sectors in which we operate.

By staying up to date with industry trends and market developments and translating that knowledge into valuable insights for clients, Aliker’s team works closely with colleagues across the bank to ensure that they’re aligned to deliver a powerful proposition to clients on a daily basis.

Aliker believes that our focus on sector-driven banking has helped make a significant impact on the economies of the countries in which we operate. By building long-term relationships with clients and offering sector insights, she and her team have become trusted partners for regional players as well as multinational corporations.

“This, together with our African roots, culture and way of doing business, has helped to change the banking landscape for the continent, enabling businesses to grow and expand with consistency and reliability,” says Aliker.

As a leader, passion, discipline, consistency, and a genuine interest in people are key qualities that are essential for her success. She believes that effective teamwork is crucial, and that it’s important to listen to others and work collaboratively to achieve common goals.

“Our clients remain loyal because we grow with them and understand them on a deeper level,” says Aliker, who first joined us in 2004. “This understanding comes from working effectively together and growing in the same direction.”

Aliker’s outlook is deeply rooted in the continent, its people, culture, and history, which fuels her belief in its potential for growth and development. She sees Africa as her home and is committed to making a positive impact on the continent by providing world-class banking services to our clients across the region.

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