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Rapidly Expanding Tech Brand Rapoo Teams Up with Leading South African Video Game Distributor Prima Interactive

 ·15 Aug 2023

Rapoo, a renowned Asian tech giant known for its innovative and high-quality wireless peripherals and manufacturing, has announced an exciting partnership with Prima Interactive, a leading South African video game and peripheral distributor.

This strategic collaboration aims to lead the South African gaming peripheral market with high-end products and competitive pricing, while expanding Rapoo’s brand presence in the retail space.

Founded in 2002, Rapoo made a long-term commitment to developing and producing innovative and high-quality wireless peripherals.

By 2005, the brand revolutionised the industry by unveiling wireless equipment that used the 2.4 GHz frequency band, establishing a groundbreaking new benchmark for others to follow.

Rapoo, a renowned brand that has already made a mark in the South African market with its diverse range of peripherals such as mice, keyboards, and headsets, is now making significant strides in the gaming industry.

With a global presence and a strong reputation, the company has consistently excelled in research and development, resulting in nearly 100 awards recognizing their dedication.

Among these accolades are the highly prestigious IF Design and DFA Awards.

Prima Interactive is a prominent distributor with a strong focus on retail, serving as the exclusive distributor for a range of renowned Microsoft products such as Xbox, Surface, and PC Accessories and peripherals.

They also offer Epson’s highly acclaimed Ecotank Printers and projectors. Moreover, Prima Interactive is a leading gaming distributor, representing a wide array of third-party publishers including Take 2, Activision Blizzard, Ubisoft, EA, Rockstar, and many others.

In addition to gaming, they distribute a variety of accessories such as Next Level racing seats, Thrustmaster Racing and flight simulator products.

At the cusp of Rapoo launching their all-new wireless gaming range which has been globally earmarked to supersede its competitors in terms of design, performance, and value, it seemed fitting for Rapoo South Africa to sign a leading reputable distributor that would get the product to market seamlessly.

“At Rapoo we value the power of partnerships, seeking value and performance for our customers, suppliers, and partners. That’s why I firmly believe that Prima Interactive is the ideal match for us,” expressed Rob Anderson, Rapoo’s Regional Manager.”

“We have dedicated considerable time to selecting the perfect distribution partner, and with the upcoming launch of our flagship wireless gaming range, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. We are absolutely delighted.”

When asked about the new signing, CEO of Prima Interactive, Ian Hepplewhite, mentioned that they are excited to be partnering with Rapoo in South Africa.

Prima believes that Rapoo products offer the best value for money, providing exceptional quality and technology.

“The V Gaming products are tried and tested by the best in competition, and we are thrilled to be able to offer these products to South Africans,” said Hepplewhite.

Rapoo is now planning to increase its presence in South Africa with some soon-to-be-announced products for local release, catering to gamers, office users and everyone in between.

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