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 ·21 Aug 2023

The average person thinks there is no point in investing in an ongoing healthcare coverage plan.

Many people feel that medical aid schemes cost too much and that they “never get sick”, or if they do, they can cover their own day-to-day doctors’ expenses.

It is often a grudge purchase – something they do not willingly prioritise.

However, the benefits of being a medical scheme member far outweigh the cost, and there is no guarantee that one’s health will always be good enough to cover expenses out of pocket.

Applying for medical scheme membership later in life also has its drawbacks.

The Medical Schemes Act only protects existing members of medical schemes and permits waiting periods of up to 12 months and late-joiner penalties to be imposed on persons who choose to join a scheme later in life.

So the secret to affordability is selecting an option that will benefit you long-term.

Your health is a lifetime investment

Your health is your greatest asset, requiring careful financial consideration and planning.

Choosing the right plan for you can be pretty complex. The right plan means you won’t rely on state clinics and hospitals for care. It also means you can have tests, screenings, and procedures done early without waiting to save enough cash (potentially worsening your condition).

You need to consider what type of plan you can afford and your current health status, including your age and other risk factors.

Many medical schemes and their accompanying loyalty programmes encourage minimising those risk factors by exercising and having a healthy lifestyle.

Schemes also negotiate preferred rates with healthcare providers to ensure that benefits last throughout the year, but healthcare provider networks may differ from option to option.

It is crucial to ensure that your choice best suits your medical and financial needs and to understand the benefits and networks of your selected option by discussing it with your financial advisor.

All these factors ensure you get the best value for money.

The suitable medical scheme offers various plans to suit one’s lifestyle and age.

One that caters for the individual from childhood to adulthood and well into old age.

Medshield is one such scheme. Our Mission statement is “We partner with our stakeholders to enable access to sustainable and affordable quality healthcare through innovative products and benefits”, which lends itself to our continuous pursuit to partner with capable and quality healthcare providers and negotiate with those partners to provide value for money services to our members.

A plan for every stage of life

In your 20s: If you are a young adult and starting on your life journey, MediCurve is an affordable digital plan that enables young, healthy, tech-savvy, first-time medical aid buyers healthcare cover without any financial strain on their day-to-day lives. MediCurve offers a bouquet of In-Hospital and Out-of-Hospital benefits with free, unlimited virtual Family Practitioner consultations through the Medshield SmartCare benefits. MediSwift is a cost-effective, value-based Hospital Plan that provides amateur sportsmen and women with additional physiotherapy and biokinetics benefits both in and out of hospital. Or, if you were blessed with a young family, the MediPhila option will protect you from unforeseen medical costs through unlimited hospital cover for PMB conditions, per beneficiary limits for non-PMB In-Hospital treatments and an Out-of-Hospital benefit limit for specific services.

In your 30s: MediValue is the ideal option for individuals needing unlimited hospital and Day-to-Day partial cover. This option has both a Prime and Compact category. The benefits are the same in both, but the Compact category requires the compulsory use of Medshield Provider Networks for a smaller contribution. Otherwise, MediSaver is perfect for independent individuals who want to manage their own out-of-hospital healthcare expenses through a Personal Savings Account with unlimited hospital cover.

Reaching your 40s and beyond: MediPlus is the answer for middle to upper-income earners, offering unlimited In-Hospital cover and a generous Day-to-Day Limit. This option has both a Prime and Compact category. The benefits of both are the same, but for a smaller contribution, the Compact category requires the compulsory use of Medshield Provider Networks. MediBonus is the best choice for corporate employees and individuals who need comprehensive unlimited In-Hospital cover and extensive Day-to-Day benefits. PremiumPlus provides the most comprehensive cover with freedom of choice, including no network restrictions, 200% cover for specific in-hospital procedures and a Personal Savings Account to manage daily healthcare.

At any stage: Perhaps you are not one to visit the doctor for routine checks, but at the very least, everyone should have unlimited In-Hospital cover in case of major medical emergencies. MediCore is a hospital plan for those who require unlimited hospital cover with full PMB cover. Specific In-Hospital procedures are paid at a higher rate (Medshield Private Tariff 200%).

No matter what stage in life you may be at, Medshield has a tailored and affordable package for you.

Partner for Life

Support, care, connection, reliance, trust, loyalty and happiness are all qualities you seek when choosing a partner for life. Medshield has many members who have partnered with us for 15 years and longer, knowing we have their best interests at heart.

We are a stable organisation that will be around in the long term, with a menu of member-centric benefit plans to cover your needs as you navigate through life. Medshield is your healthcare Partner for Life.

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