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Affordable back to work, Varsity and School connectivity with Axxess

 ·23 Jan 2024

As the new academic year begins, it’s a necessity for students and parents to have reliable and affordable connectivity options.

Luckily, with Axxess, you have a premier back-to-school, varsity, and work connectivity partner that understands and meets the connectivity needs of students and parents.

With their wide range of connectivity solutions, including Fibre and LTE options, Axxess lets you choose internet solutions to suit your needs.

The stability and reliability of Axxess’s Fibre options are crucial for uninterrupted online learning, teaching or leisure streaming your favourite movies, gaming and staying connected.

On the other hand, LTE offers flexibility, particularly for students who may need connectivity on the go or in areas where Fibre might yet not be available.

Affordability is another advantage of connecting with Axxess. With specially tailored services designed to meet the budget constraints of students and parents, Axxess is the best option for the most cost-effective connectivity solutions.

Reliable speed is Axxess’s competitive edge, promising high-speed internet for a seamless online experience.

Online classes and research activities require reliable and fast internet, and its importance cannot be overemphasised.

With many people working or running a business from home you can’t afford any downtime.

You can connect using a Fixed LTE service from MTN, Fixed LTE allows you to connect your home and home office with reliable LTE that caters to your online needs.

If you need to connect on the go, you have alternative options with the wide range of Telkom LTE services.

Axxess has LTE solutions from Telkom to get you connected and do all the things you love on the internet on the go.

Axxess’s exceptional support and extras are other factors that make the company stand out.

The company offers exceptional customer support, with a 24/7 manned call centre.

If you prefer to get a bit more personal, they have a WhatsApp live chat, and you can email or call.

In addition, you can dowlnload the user-friendly Axxess App, to manage your internet services, and usage, anywhere, anytime, at your convenience.

Ensuring Continuous Connectivity with an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

Load-shedding can disrupt your connectivity, there are several cost-effective ways to stay connected during a power outage, such as investing in an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS).

The benefits of using a UPS extend beyond ensuring uninterrupted internet connectivity during load-shedding. It also protects your devices from power surges and helps extend their lifespan.

Some of Axxess’s services include exclusive perks such as Free-to-use routers, discounts when you bundle your service with a router, and plenty more on offer.

Axxess is the ideal connectivity partner for the new academic and work year, with various connectivity options, cost-effective services, reliable speed, exceptional support, and exclusive extras.

Make the smart choice today and partner with Axxess for a seamless online learning experience.

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