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How a leading financial services provider reached 3.4 million South Africans by advertising on BusinessTech

 ·26 Jan 2024

Display advertising campaigns on BusinessTech provide South African companies with excellent brand exposure, and an unrivalled reach and click-through rate (CTR).

While the recognised average CTR for display branding is 0.15%, BusinessTech display campaigns significantly exceed this while reaching a large audience of purchasing decision-makers.

An excellent example of this performance in action is a display advertising campaign a leading South African financial services provider (FSP) recently ran on BusinessTech over 10 months.

It saw the FSP reach 3.4 million readers over the course of the campaign while maintaining a higher-than-average CTR.

This impressive performance is thanks to the prominent positioning of display banners on BusinessTech, as well as the trust that readers have in the website.

Reach BusinessTech’s audience

BusinessTech’s audience consists of 5 million monthly South African readers who consume over 26 million pages of content every month.

Even more impressive is the fact that BusinessTech’s readership primarily comprises South Africa’s most influential professionals, including:

  • 2.9 million Business and Purchasing Decision-Makers
  • 856,000 Business Owners
  • 712,000 Senior Managers
  • 131,000 Directors and CEOs

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